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92 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2018 Robert Schaeffl er, General Manager, Sexy Hair What are you most excited about in your new role? First and foremost, the team behind Sexy Hair—I love how passionate and connected all the team members are to the brand. What is also exciting is the brand story. The company founder, Michael O'Rourke, broke boundaries when he launched this amazingly provocative and disruptive brand by putting the word "sexy" right on the can. He understood the essence of what sexy means and gave women the power to be in control during a time when the word alone was taboo. What do the next few months have in store for Sexy Hair? The team is in great shape, so the foundation is strong. The brand name alone is such an outstanding asset. For us, as leadership, the focus is on how we can optimize the launch plans and double down on out-of-the- box innovation. Being part of a professional powerhouse gives us access to cutting edge technologies and formulas; we want to bring that out in Sexy Hair in a fresh, fun and playful way that will not only reinvigorate the brand in the eyes of the stylist, but push it to the next level. In April, we will open a world-class academy in our Los Angeles offi ce loft. The new space has open fl oor plans and fl oor-to-ceiling windows that take advantage of the beautiful ocean views and California sunshine. How do you relax? I am incredibly lucky to live in Southern California. Whenever I get the chance I spend time with my family and friends at the beach. Beach volleyball is my passion outside of work. Larry Kane, Vice President of Business Development, SureTint Technologies What are you most excited about in your current role? I am most excited about bringing a truly productive and effective innovation to our industry. The SureTint software not only enhances the salon guest experience, but creates operational effi ciencies, tracks color usage, and provides valuable data and reports to the colorist, salon management and color/chemical service manufacturers. With no other software in this industry so robust, SureTint propels the hair color category to a new level! What are your tips for rising up the corporate ladder? Engage yourself at every chance and at every event, network and don't be afraid to ask for an opinion or feedback. There are wonderful mentors out there willing to share their experience and help open doors. Favorite part of working in the beauty industry? The people. From watching someone fi nally understand haircolor to coaching and developing the potential in a stylist, to the incredible community that gives back so much. It's a wonderful life! Ultimate feel-good song? "Dancing in the Moonlight"—it was the song my daughter chose for us to dance to at her wedding. News COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS; GETTY IMAGES (3) GETTING TO KNOW YOU Meet the industry's movers and shakers. Sean James, Artistic Director, FHI Heat What are you most excited about in your new role? I love that I get to collaborate with so many great artists! FHI Heat has a lot in the works, so stylists need to stay tuned. Favorite hair trends? I really like the platinum and gray color trends, as well as lobs. Hairstyles are really undone these days; I love the inclusion of braids and the exploration of basket weaving techniques—I was never great at them in beauty school, but I always admired those with the skill. What inspires you? Art, architecture, design, unique people, movies, fi lm, makeup, technology—everything inspires me. I'm a millennial at heart; I'm constantly searching for the latest, greatest new thing or model/muse. Favorite comfort food? A grilled cheese sandwich—rye bread with tomato, lettuce and avocado. Ultimate getaway? My home country, Australia. I enjoy spending time with my family when I'm there. is m y pa ssion outside of w o

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