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FEBRUARY 2018 | | "Paul Mitchell's Hair Sculpting Lotion was the fi rst product that really was a game changer for me. Hair Sculpting Lotion is amazing and really paved the way for popular products on the market today. You could air dry or blow-dry hair, slick it back—you name it. At the time, I was in hair school and working at nightclubs, and everyone would ask how I was able to achieve these looks. I was inspired that Paul Mitchell himself was doing hair that was different but still mainstream. I really felt that this product broke through the artistic mold of the industry and made me want to incorporate innovation and versatility into all my work." —WENDY BOND, LAKMÉ NATIONAL DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION 87 87 | .com d a hp aunc yl eaut b | 2018 FEBRUARY l p t i n g ct a n g er t ion e d u c ts cou ld ick t h e and d was k s. I tchell a t was e am . u c t rate i nto BO ND , C TOR "The very fi rst haircut I did was with a pair of B.W Boyd Shears. I saved up to buy them. I think I spent $300. I thought they were the greatest shears known to man, and I still have them. They still work great, and I still use them from time to time." —MICHAEL DUEÑAS, CELEBRITY STYLIST GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS "It was 1976 and I wanted nothing more than to spend 90 minutes on a masterpiece Sassoon haircut, but a call came into the salon for a virgin bleach. I had done bleaches in cosmetology training, but not in the real world. A woman named Ellie—who was a master at lightening hair—and I worked together on the client and the bleach came out perfectly. When we washed it out to see our fi nal results, she insisted that we use a product called Milk Plus 6; the smell was yummy. Way back then, Milk Plus 6 was loaded with keratin to strengthen the hair and a conditioning factor I couldn't believe. Every time I pre-lighten someone, I think about what Ellie taught me, and I wish I had some Milk Plus 6 to see if it was really as great as I remember." —PHILIP CARREON, EUFORA CREATIVE DIRECTOR "I fell in love with the industry all over again once Gelish launched Soak-Off Gel Polish. The speed and ease of use are great, and I enjoy sharing this service with my clients. The quality and duration of the manicure are truly revolutionary!" —THAO NGUYEN, NAIL ALLIANCE REGIONAL EDUCATION MANAGER

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