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"Hairdressing wasn't on my radar. I wanted to be a nutritionist, but at school in England you needed an 'A' in Biology and though I tried twice, I couldn't get the grades. I was dating Christopher Dove at the time and told his mother that what I most wanted was to help people, so she suggested I join her son in cosmetology school. Our fi rst break came after a big show in London. We put all our hearts, love and energy into that work and it resonated with the audience. Nevertheless, my career has been bumpy, mainly because I never had great self-esteem, and I know I wouldn't be where I am without the help of incredible colleagues. So now I nurture younger stylists in whom I recognize that same personality. I still love being around people and learning something new from them each day. If you ever get to a place where you think you've mastered all the skills and tools, it's time to switch industries, because you'll never learn it all. The fun is to keep trying." "Bette Midler made me do it! While working as her daughter's nanny, she said, 'Tracey, I'm sending you to beauty school.' I had always loved styling and coloring my friends in high school, and sometimes I'd do Bette's hair when her regular stylist wasn't around. That ignited my career. Truthfully, the beauty industry gets better and better every year. I'm in awe of what we can do and how far we've come from when I started in the '80s. The ingenuity is limitless, and that keeps my passion and creativity fueled." "When I left the world of professional dancing, the beauty industry grabbed my attention. I saw performers take on new personalities through hair and makeup and thought, 'I'll give up dieting and do hair instead!' I graduated from the London College of Fashion, but it took many years to fall in love with this craft—the work proved harder than expected. I was shy and lacked confi dence. Fear became my companion. Standing onstage in London was exciting but terrifying; I didn't know how I'd cut hair with trembling hands. My mentor Vidal Sassoon sent me on editorial shoots and I made countless mistakes with little guidance. You could say I failed my way to success. I thought I'd work backstage, but my career has been very public. I've done TV stage performances, shoots and more than 600 video appearances on HairdesignerTV, an online educational website I launched 15 years ago back in the days of dial-up." "It was meant to be. I'm a third-generation hairdresser; my after-school job was sweeping hair in my dad's barbershop when I was seven years old. An early memory is of him holding up a mirror and teaching me to scissor-over-comb his hair. My wife and I have been salon owners for 40 years. The '80s were hard; we had two major staff walkouts with competing businesses opening down the street. That taught us the importance of putting our loyal stylists—our family—fi rst, just as founding Surface is about fi rst respecting the health of our planet. I'm no longer behind the chair, but what I now enjoy most is inspiring colleagues to love their vocations while serving others." "Endless hours of combing and fi xing my dolls' hair defi ned my childhood. There was never a time I didn't love beauty. I remember not being allowed to wear lipstick until I turned 18—now, the brighter the better! Professionally, I realized I could be the best if I worked hard after six months as an assistant. The salon's artistic director, who tormented every employee, asked me to blow-dry his client, then proceeded to proudly show off my work. It was a small moment that stayed with me. I love teaching, coaching and coloring hair. It's a blessing, getting to do what you love." Sonya Dove, global top stylist for Wella Professionals Tracey Cunningham, Redken celebrity colorist Vivienne Mackinder, founder of HairdesignerTV and guest artistic director for Joico Wayne Grund, founder of Surface Hair Gina Khan, colorist and North American spokesperson for TIGI COURTESY OF ARTISTS AND MANUFACTURERS

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