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82 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2018 "When I decided to move from my home country of Argentina to Miami, I knew the transition would be diffi cult—but the fi rst four years were terrible! I worked in a salon while saving to open my own shop. After two years, we launched Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art, but a poor decision on my partner's part almost cost me everything I'd fought so hard to achieve: my business, my brand and even my American dream. Loyal clients plus the enormous passion I feel for this industry kept me going. I fi nd inspiration everywhere—in nature, architecture, fashion magazines, restaurants, boutiques and during my travels to cities around the world." "I was 18 years old and had trained for six months to prepare for a hair competition; all of my preparation served me well and my work turned out beautifully. As I was leaving the stage an industry professional approached me and asked if I cared to participate in a photo shoot. I accepted, but had no idea what I was getting myself into. The photographer for the shoot worked regularly for Cosmopolitan. I delivered what was asked of me and it became the cover of the magazine! I was forever smitten with the beauty and fashion industries after that shoot. I still have a copy of that cover to this day. It serves as a constant reminder to never stop training, learning and reaching for higher creative ground." "I was an athlete in college and loved coaching various sports. I never thought of hair as my destiny, despite the fact that my dad owned a barbershop where my older brother and I worked on Saturdays, sweeping hair and shining shoes. I went to beauty school only to follow in my father's footsteps, and two weeks in I started questioning my decision and talents as a hairdresser. Those doubts vanished the day my dad took me to my fi rst show where I watched Vidal Sassoon and his team of magicians cut, melt and morph tresses on stage. In that moment, I decided I wanted to become a platform artist and teacher. The next day I returned to school—and all of a sudden, I could do hair! I could hold the comb without dropping it and cut a straight line because I'd found my purpose. The journey has been the reward for me. I experience enormous joy guiding students on their creative paths." "To be honest, hairdressing wasn't an easy road. I never attended beauty school—it wasn't an option in the early days—so for years I traveled blind, unsure of my abilities. Only when a client returned for a second cut because she said the fi rst one I gave her was the best she'd ever had did I become empowered. I started taking Sassoon Academy courses in London. Life as an educator can be a hard slog, but I get an incredible adrenaline rush when I see fabulous runway looks or an editorial spread with fantastic hair that I created. At age 50 I reinvented myself again, now determined to act as a role model for fellow professional women of my generation." Rocco, celebrity stylist and artistic advisor for Aloxxi Luis Alvarez, VP of marketing, creative and education for BaBylissPRO Sam Villa, co- founder of Sam Villa and Redken global artistic ambassador Sharon Blain, international educator for Goldwell COURTESY OF ARTISTS AND MANUFACTURERS; LUIS ALVAREZ JOFFREY BALLET MODEL FOR EN POINTE COLLECTION MED

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