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80 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2018 "I was obsessed with Natalie Imbruglia's short hair in her 'Torn' music video when I was a teenager in Utah. No one could give me the cut I wanted, so I bought a pack of razors and shaved my own head. After graduation, I drove to California with 300 dollars in my Honda Civic hatchback. I called all the salons in Allure's beauty directory until Estilo Salon in Beverly Hills hired me as a receptionist. It took three years to save for beauty school, during which time I worked as a hostess by night and stylist assistant during the day, where I learned the business of how to run a salon. Several moments in my career have felt like major accomplishments, including scoring a job as Andy LeCompte's assistant, going on Madonna's world tour, and launching the Mane Addicts brand. I love that brands are now empowering women to learn to do their own hair, and women are becoming more active on social media. We're changing the conversation in business and beauty." "By 15, I already had a wife and child to support, and my mother suggested I do hair as a means of providing for my family. I enrolled at Lubbock Barber College in Texas, only to learn I was quite good at cutting. Through barbering I could make money and be in charge of my own destiny, and I loved that from the start. At 17, I had my own shop. I started entering— and winning—competitions. That's when I realized I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to, as long as I worked hard with confi dence and a strategy. Enter my 'Markham Method,' a two-part process that revolutionarily took into consideration a man's lifestyle, head shape and natural growth pattern, which clients like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra came to swear by. If a product I desired didn't exist, I began developing it myself. This started me on the path of crafting superior formulations for all fi ve of the brands I've owned." "My teen years in San Jose, CA, were an exciting time of diversity and experimentation. You had your preppies, punk rockers, the loud crowd—I loved the romance of it, and soon began cutting the strands of all these friends and rebels. I'd shave heads and fashion undercuts with complete creative freedom. In the '90s, I pursued education to acquire the basics needed to complement that early artistic foundation, and was lucky enough to apprentice with the Bumble and bumble masters before fi nding Oribe and assisting Guido Palau. I'm never content sitting still, instead always searching for what's coming next." "My mother and grandmother were hairdressers, so I grew up in the business. When I decided to attend beauty school, it was strictly a means to an end: I'd get a job as a stylist to work my way through fashion school. One day in the barbershop I heard a group talking about a play being staged to raise money for a local church in my California neighborhood. It was a '60s period piece, and they needed a pro to work with the wigs. That's how I met actor and director Robert Townsend, who was producing the project. His assistant made the mistake of giving me his number, and for months I called, asking about assistant work on his fi lms. All I heard was 'We don't have any openings,' until the day Townsend walked into my salon with Halle Berry and asked if I had experience fashioning fantasy hair—that opened everything up. A Wrinkle in Time, coming out next month, is my latest movie. It's a fantasy fi lm, which I love, because I get to channel my creativity." Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist and creator of OUAI Haircare Jim Markham, founder, product developer and CEO of ColorProof Evolved Color Care Kien Hoang, director of training and content for Oribe Kim Kimble, celebrity stylist and founder of eponymous haircare line COURTESY OF ARTISTS AND MANUFACTURERS

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