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FEBRUARY 2018 | | 79 "As a kid growing up in the suburbs of London, I sometimes accompanied my mom to her salon appointments. I loved the energy and creativity, and as I got older, the connection I found between fashion and hair. It looked like an exciting career. At 14, a teacher asked what I'd be when I grew up. Always a bit of a rebel, I proclaimed, 'A hairdresser!' He laughed at me. And that was the moment I decided to prove him wrong. The fi rst time I cut someone's hair and saw the smile on her face was the fi rst time I felt successful in my career. It was a small moment, but the simple things are often most meaningful." "There was never a time in my life when I didn't know I was destined to be a stylist. As a young girl, I found comfort by closing myself in a room with my mannequin head and fashioning its tresses; I styled Barbie's hair, too. Now the same childhood calm comes over me when I move hair and it transforms into something beautiful. And that stillness morphs into excitement after I put a model in front of a camera and the look comes alive. There have been bumps along my career path: I was too young and inexperienced when opening my salon, but I also learned a valuable lesson; namely, self-discipline. While struggling, I never stopped studying, practicing my craft or developing these skills." "My mother was in her late 30s when her hair went silver, and her hairdresser started giving her stuffy styles. She was a young woman made to look old, and I couldn't stand that. I'd brush and tease out her hair when she got home, combing out 'grandma' to make her cool. It was the '60s, and I was in love with Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I'd look at the cuts Vidal Sassoon created in magazines and try to copy them—tease the crown, get fronts straight and fl at, make everything geometric. In high school, I did hair for all the girls' proms and senior pictures. I came from a small town and wanted everyone to look glamorous! I've been through so many changes. I remember when supermodels were the stars, then it shifted to celebrities. I've worked with Farrah Fawcett, Madonna, Sophia Loren and Nicole Kidman. But everything came full circle when my dream to style Audrey Hepburn was realized." Andrew Dale, founder and CEO of UNITE Beth Minardi, founder of Beth Minardi Signature Detra Smith, artistic director for Hot Tools Garren, celebrity stylist and cofounder of R+Co "Even as a child, I felt the impact images can make. My aunt was a painter who introduced me to color, and I loved learning how it behaves when intermixed. Color has power. After graduating from Murwood Beauty Academy in Orlando, FL, I worked on my fi rst fi lm, The Meal—starring Dina Merrill and Carl Betz in 1975. That's when I fully understood the magic surrounding hair and makeup—and I was sold. Later I fell in love with the fi rst fab foil highlight I successfully placed while working at Clairol in New York. To this day, the contrast of shades in tresses and cosmetics continue to intrigue as much as they did when I was young." COURTESY OF ARTISTS AND MANUFACTURERS

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