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FEBRUARY 2018 | | 61 SHOW STOPPER To craft Saoirse Ronan's look, comb through strands with Neuma neuStyling Smoothing Crème, using the Denman D12 3-Row Comb to evenly distribute product. Part hair down the middle and make two uneven sections, creating a French braid on each side to the nape of the neck. "Leave a small amount of hair out on the hairline to frame the face and soften the look," says GKhair educator Keva Davis. "Once braided, add texture by lightly pulling apart the braids. Pin plaits up in a fl at bun by crisscrossing them in-between the braids just at the nape. Secure with pins." Last but not least, clean up select strays with GKhair Shaping Wax. @denmanbrush,@gkhair, @neumabeauty SAOIRSE RONAN SAOIRSE: KARWAI TANG/GETTY IMAGES (2); MEGHAN: JON KOPALOFF/GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS ROYAL TREATMENT For bountiful tresses a lá Meghan Markle, begin by clipping Top Secret Haircessory Topper into hair for instant volume on top. Use Trissola Envy Professional Flat Iron, curling away from the face. "In a smooth quick motion, tilt the iron 90 degrees and run down the mid-shafts," says Trissola artist Guyanne Chivichyan. Finish the look with Bain de Terre Stay n' Shape Flexible Shaping Spray. @baindeterrepro, @topsecrethaircessory, @trissola crethaircess ory , y y @tr iss ola MEGHAN MARKLE

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