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104 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2017 News COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS Edward Logan, Chief Operating Offi cer, Sport Clips Haircuts What are you most excited about in your new role? I love making a difference and I think we have the perfect opportunity to do so in the lives of Sport Clips clients, team members, franchisees and our corporate employees, whom we call our support team. Sport Clips has had unbelievable success in the past and is also at a unique turning point in the life cycle of the company; this gives us that special combination of still being small enough to be agile with enough resources to do it right. We are working hard as a team to make that key transition happen over the next few years while planning for the next two decades. How has your experience helped prepare you for your new position? I worked my way up from the bottom when I came back to Sport Clips from the professional consulting world, so I have experience with almost every aspect of the business at every level. Also, two of the key formative experiences I've had in the organization have been proving myself as a store level operator and learning the ropes of the business as a franchisee—a team leader—would. Because of this, I know what creates success at the store level and how to help our system in terms of unit level economics, the key to any successful franchise. What can we expect from Sports Clips next year? We are leveraging our successful foundation to take the next step in driving results. What I think the public will notice most, however, is our signifi cant technology upgrade. We are enabling online check-ins and have a new process in store that makes the experience better; in short, we are making it easier, more convenient and more fun for clients to do business with us. What do you do when you're not working? I have a young daughter, so I try to focus on spending time with my family. I also enjoy touring classic or fast cars…always within the speed limit, of course. J-Travis Walters, National Education and Training Manager, L'ANZA What are you most excited about in your new role? I love being part of L'ANZA because I get the opportunity to work with such an amazing team of educators from across the globe. The team is great and has made me feel like part of the "tribe" since day one. Also, being part of a brand that is growing so fast allows me the opportunity to work in product development and marketing, so I'm able to really feel connected with all parts of this brand. How has your experience helped prepare you for your new position? I've been so lucky in my career to work behind the chair, as a sales rep and as an educator for other brands. Having experience in both private and chain salons allows me to understand the needs of all stylists. Having a master's degree in psychology has also helped me develop stronger relationships with my teammates because they each bring a unique perspective to the brand. How do you keep education interesting and fresh? First and foremost, my motto is to have fun with education. Our industry is always evolving so it's important to know what's current—but everything stems from fundamentals. By combining fundamentals with new twists, it allows for more creativity and excitement in our classes. My team knows that it's vital to make sure we understand the expectations of our consumers so we can meet and exceed them every time. I learned early on that educational classes and events must be interactive for the adult learner. At L'ANZA, we focus on making sure we are delivering classes that appeal to auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners. What would you say to someone who is on the fence about taking a continuing education class? If you're not staying current and looking ahead at trends, you are outdated. Invest in yourself! What is your favorite vacation destination? I enjoy taking cruises and experiencing new places, but I especially love visiting Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. GETTING TO KNOW YOU Meet the industry's movers and shakers. To order direct or find a distributor near you, visit FEEL WELL. LIVE WELL. SORE MUSCLES CRAMPING YOUR STYLE? PARODI's Newest Generation Comforting Muscle Lotion comforts, calms, and cools so you can get on with doing what you love. • Arnica and Magnesium Oil help soothe fatigued muscles • Rollerball tube for easy application • Non-greasy feel; pleasant scent

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