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44 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2017 Live & Learn/ Milestones BACKROW MEDIA Millennium Systems International celebrates 30 years of growth, from basement start-up to global software guru, with a game-changing cloud-based system. —TM W hen 17-year-old high school grad John Harms started Harms Software in his basement in 1987, he wasn't plotting global domination—he was just trying to help his stylist sister, who had expressed a need for beauty industry software. Today, as the since-renamed Millennium Systems International (@speakmillennium) celebrates 30 years, the one-man start-up has exploded to 200-plus employees with more than 100,000 users worldwide. "Now I lead the team rather than write code myself, but what's most important is what hasn't changed," says Harms, founder and CEO. "The company is still 100 percent focused on providing beauty professionals with tools that will help them succeed and grow." Hence, the company isn't resting on its tech-savvy laurels. The recently launched Meevo 2.0, its fi rst cloud-based system, offers support at users' fi ngertips sans wait time via a system that's robust, lightning- fast and works on any device—making training and daily operations a breeze. Harms predicts the launch will impact the industry as Millennium did back in 2000. "This is what our clients have asked for, and we've invested tens of millions of dollars getting it right," he notes. "We remain nimble, privately owned, and we understand the industry better than any other software company." The team shared a cake at this year's Millennium Experience conference to celebrate the milestone, but Harms insists the company is more focused on the future than toasting the past. "30 years is just another number to us," he laughs. Harms also knows competitors are ever lurking, ready to pounce on his team's latest innovations, but believes they can't replicate his secret sauce: Millennium's employees and their passion for the beauty industry. "The underlying power of Millennium is in its people, support infrastructure, love for the industry, and culture of integrity," Harms muses. "I don't say I'm the smartest guy in the room, but I've listened to beauty professionals in a focused way that allows me to understand their needs. Nobody can copy 30 years of knowledge, site visits and conversations." Happy 30th! John Harms recounts his greatest successes over 30 years: "Having the fi rst- ever online booking system in the beauty industry; introducing frequency of visit and other major growth indicators like client retention to beauty salon software; having one of the fi rst real- time Central Offi ce systems for multiple locations; writing the membership management system for the entire Massage Envy franchise; and launching the fi rst cloud-based system with Meevo 2.0!" Success Stories The Millennium Systems International team celebrates 30 years. Keracolor™ Color + Clenditioner in Hot Pink or Light Pink Wet Brush™ Glitter Detangler in Pink Free Order Now while supplies last promo code: PINKPRO17

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