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40 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | NOVEMBER 2017 Choosing the right name for your salon is essential if you want to attract clients. Here, expert tips for picking a name that will make your business stand out. Live & Learn/ Business Affairs What's in a Name? CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: COURTESY OF HAIRROIN SALONS; COURTESY OF MATRIX; COURTESY OF BOMBSHELL SALON; COURTESY OF MATRIX; ADAM M. ADOLPHUS; COURTESY OF ELLE SALON "Before you pick a name, know your brand. The name is the title to your salon story so it all needs to coexist and make sense. 'Hairroin' is the idea that great beauty is like a drug, and when you have the right hairstylist, you're hooked. There is also a double meaning in the female heroine and how I took over an abandoned salon, renamed it and built it into what it is today alongside my team of real-life hair heroes!" —Janine Jarman, owner of Hairroin Salons in Los Angeles and New York "Elle is the second part of my name and is French for 'she.' Being a female business owner and recognizing the strength in femininity, I knew it would be a guiding force. I wanted a piece of myself in the name because I knew I would pour my soul into my business and recognized the infl uence I would have on it, but I also wanted the name to be transferable should a time ever arise that the business be sold, which is why I opted to only have a part of my name. You always have to think long-term with business; it's quite the commitment." —Janelle Conejo, UNITE artist and owner of Elle Salon in Elgin, IL "When deciding what to name my salon, I had to create something saucy. The salon is as much mine as it is my teammates', which is why I did not want to simply call the salon by my own name. Each and every one of my teammates is an individual badass beyond belief, but we all fi t together so seamlessly. Advice I would give to any stylist looking to own a salon and deciding the perfect name is to really trust yourself. You need to believe in your vision. Talk about it, visualize it, share it." —Marylle Koken, Sebastian Professional top artist and owner of Harlot Salon in Venice, CA "I am part Danish and wanted our studio to have a name that meant something to me personally and could relate to the hair world. Lave Om means 'change' in Danish, and I truly believe that change is a vital part of life. It just felt so fi tting to name our studio after something that represents growth and transformation. That's what we do every day for our clients, right?" —Amanda Epstein, Matrix stylist and owner of Lave Om Studio in Huntington Station, NY "Choose a name that helps create your environment and salon culture. The name of our salon, Bombshell, is very reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour; therefore the interior design and logo follow that trend as well. It has a very Hollywood Regency feel, from the business cards and the website to the salon decor and coffee services." —Jennifer Dozier Horter, John Paul Mitchell Systems national educator and owner of Bombshell Salon in Ellicott City, MD "I love the meaning of karma and am a fi rm believer in giving to the universe and watching what it gives back to you. We cultivate a positive team atmosphere, have many local charities that we support, and we are constantly trying to give back to the community. I'm also a big believer in branding. Your salon name, mission statement and culture should go hand in hand and have a strong direction. Our name, image, logo and website all speak to the same purpose. Your vibe attracts your tribe. It works on so many levels!" —Danielle Keasling, Matrix artistic director and owner of Salon Karma in Bluffton, SC Dos AND Don'ts DO make sure the name can be easily read and pronounced. DO select a strong name that helps create a brand image for staff , clients and overall environment. DON'T include your city, street or address in the name if you plan to open more locations. DO choose a name that makes sense to you and is relevant to your beliefs. DON'T be too trendy. Names that become popular fast often fi zzle out; pick a name that is timeless. DO trust yourself.

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