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I n 1991, fi nancial guru and self-proclaimed IRS watchdog Charles Read launched a modest accounting fi rm called GetPayroll (@getpayroll). Today, this organization boasts a national footprint, providing payroll services to small- and medium-sized companies in 46 states. Nearly 75 percent of all American institutions fall in that demographic, with 10 or fewer employees on their rosters. "Most businesses—including salons—are not the size of General Motors," explains marketing manager Devon Kirk. As such, they require a compensation system built specifi cally for their needs, without the bells, whistles and costs of a 5,000-employee payroll. Enter Simon, GetPayroll's latest and greatest innovation. The app, available on both Apple and Android, is revolutionizing the lives of micro beauty businesses with up to 10 employees. Proprietary SmartPay technology allows entrepreneurs to run payroll in three simple clicks without worrying about miscalculating the books or incurring IRS fi nes. "As a licensed medical aesthetician and former day spa owner of seven years, I realized that while many salon proprietors are artistic masters, they may not be profi cient at the business of running a company," Kirk explains. She personally suffered after small mistakes caused by complex state and federal income regulations led to large fi nes. With Simon, the guesswork is removed: Tax payments, quarterly fi lings and year-end forms are fi led automatically at prices that won't break the bank. Simon costs $20 per payroll for one to fi ve employees, and $30 for a staff of six to 10, sans monthly or sign-up fees. This technology may be about numbers, but it's a true labor of love. "My wife, Ruth, was the forward thinker who kept us on the cutting edge of the payroll industry," reveals Read. "She passed away two years ago, so I created Simon as my homage to her." Business is challenging, especially for those movers and shakers who wear every hat: owner, creative consultant and inventory overseer. Says Read, "While we can't make everything easy, we sure try with PayRoll." 52 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | SEPTEMBER 2017 Designed specifi cally for small businesses, GetPayroll's newest app makes salon money management a snap. —FM Live & Learn/ Business Affairs Simon Says COURTESY OF GETPAYROLL Three-click processing for repeat payrolls; under 10 taps for new entries Automated text alerts keep payroll timely (ticker changes color as deadlines approach) Intuitive employee self-onboarding Electronic payment of wages through direct deposit or debit cards Simple screens for managing employee data, viewing payroll histories and running custom reports Paperless, making it a truly green payment network With the convenience of a smartphone app and thumbprint confi rmation, Simon's payroll is literally at your fi ngertips anytime, anywhere." —CHARLES READ, CEO OF GETPAYROLL/SIMON Easy as 1, 2, 3: Payroll management can be done with a trio of fi nger swipes. Simon's Top Features DEVON KIRK, GETPAYROLL/SIMON MARKETING MANAGER

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