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APRIL 2017 | | 81 ditorial session stylist Kevin Ryan knows what it takes to create camera- worthy hair, having logged in thousands of hours (and frequent fl yer miles!) working on countless editorial shoots— he's done both models' and celebrities' manes for such renowned publications as W, Elle and InStyle. When Launchpad was on hand at UNITE's Global Session, we learned some behind-the-scenes wisdom that Ryan shared with lucky attendees on how to best succeed when pursuing editorial work. STAY HUNGRY. No is rarely an option, especially when you're just starting out in the industry. When you are offered the chance to work on a photo shoot, say yes. It'll boost your résumé, and you never know where opportunity may lead. If you begin your career trajectory assisting on shoots—which is the most common way of getting started in the business—really shine by helping the lead stylist. It'll get you noticed in the right way. If you're not a strong assistant, you'll get moved off a shoot. EFFORTLESS-LOOKING HAIR IS DIFFICULT. It's true: Making a model's hair look as though she's just rolled out of bed with perfectly imperfect-seeming waves is tough. It's a skill set you must master. Take the time to practice on your own before attempting this on an actual shoot. IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS. The difference between a good hairdresser and a bad hairdresser is a centimeter. The camera lens sees everything— including mistakes. You need to look at your work up-close as well as far back, and from every angle. For example, who looks up-close only at bark? You want to take a few steps back and see the whole tree. It's all about the big picture. PLAY NICE. You need to learn to work with all sorts of people. There are many personalities on a set, between the model, photographer, makeup artist, fashion stylist, and others. You will inevitably meet some that you do not like but respect immensely, and conversely, would want to have a drink with but do not think are talented. Press on, whatever the circumstances may be. If you respect the person, you can learn a lot from him or her. And if you don't particularly respect someone? At least it's a lesson on how to handle a trying situation, or a tutorial on what not to do. WHO IS BEHIND THE LENS MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. A good photographer will fi x your mistakes. A bad one will highlight them. You need to work closely with the photographer to make sure you have the same vision in mind. If you're doing a hair-focused shoot, make sure you're working with a photographer who's particularly skilled in shooting hair, rather than someone whose sole focus is fashion, for instance. Shooting for hair is a different beast. THE LOOK HAS TO WORK ON CAMERA—NOT OFF. Most of the time when we're done shooting, the model will just tie her hair back into a ponytail. You're not creating a style for a client that wants to maintain her look; you simply want to get the shot. If you're shooting someone with curly hair who has had it blown straight, and you're working in strong summer heat, know (and tell the photographer!) that you only have a few minutes to get the shot before the hair frizzes. And that's fi ne! THE CAMERA SEES EVERYTHING DIFFERENTLY. All things look differently on camera than they do off. Hair that may not appear beautiful in person can look striking on camera. Experiment and play around with the hair. You'll often be pleasantly surprised by the fi nal results! Editorial session stylist Kevin Ryan uses an unconventional tool to create a windblown effect on his model. Ph o t o Finish Editorial session stylist Kevin Ryan shares the ins and outs of photo shoot work. by Alyson Osterman-Kerr HAIR: KEVIN RYAN; PHOTOGRAPHER: ROBERTO AGUILAR; MAKEUP: ERWIN GOMEZ Hair that may be construed as "outré" in person looks striking on camera. To sign up for this year's UNITE Global Session, taking place this fall, call 888.95.UNITE.

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