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APR 2017

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52 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | APRIL 2017 Why invest in education? Philip Wolff: Education is the essential nutrient that artists need in order to stay driven and inspired. Without it, there is no growth—and without growth, there is no industry. What's your approach to education? PW: Real-world education based on classic, iconic looks—education that stylists can use immediately to remain relevant. We share concept, technique and execution, building artists so they fully understand the core foundations of hairdressing. From there, the possibilities are endless. Looks constantly evolve and revolve. We believe there's no better teacher than yourself. Once you learn and conquer, you move forward and share along the way. The more you give, the more you receive; it's a never-ending cycle. Everyone has the potential to be unique and ongoing education is the pathway to fi nding that signature. We help artists build archives of proper habits and techniques that allow them to create anything they wish and make it perfectly personal. Chief Behr: We're both full-time hairdressers, so we teach what stylists can use tomorrow to make money. If you're technically and foundationally sound, you'll be able to produce any trendy look. We teach the approach to the haircut; to be grounded and confi dent, you have to understand the why, instead of following some step-by-step and never really understanding the true execution or foundation. We set out to better the industry through true, relevant education, not promote new products. What should stylists expect? PW: Classes include product knowledge, look-and-learn, hands-on academy and educator training academy. Stylists of all levels can benefi t. (Register with Rebecca Mariolis, VP of education, at or visit CB: We're two passionate artists with a love for the industry and its people. The environment is always relaxed and fun, with absolutely zero ego. We customize our courses for what's needed and wanted, so no one is left out. Attendees leave a session knowing more and wanting more, feeling like they're part of a movement and culture that will change the industry forever. Live & Learn/ Head of the Class Peter Coppola creative directors Philip Wolff and Chief Behr share their unique take on education—and why it's a must for stylists at every level of the industry. —TRACY MORIN Real-World Revolution Lifelong Learning COURTESY OF PETER COPPOLA Philip Wolff and Chief Behr share their top education tips. 1 2 3 4 5 Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can. Feel you've mastered something? Push more— you'll be surprised at what can happen. Show up with an open mind and leave your ego at the door. Be open to all forms and types of education. Become an educator or mentor. You master what you teach. Top: Philip Wolff (above) and Chief Behr (bottom) present their unique styling skills. Left: Wolff and Behr display avant- garde prowess. Keep up with Peter Coppola on Instagram @petercoppolahair.

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