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44 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | APRIL 2017 I n the mid-2000s, Van Tibolli seemed a most unlikely candidate for heading up a haircare company. Back then, the Brazilian native's professional experience was marked by stints in U.S. construction and real estate. However, an innate attraction to innovation and a couple of savvy hairdresser friends conspired to set Tibolli on an unlikely path. "My hairdresser friends back in Brazil had made me aware of this keratin-based smoothing formula," Tibolli recalls. "I was intrigued by the concept and began seeking information about this amazing new technology. I traveled back to visit salons and saw clients' hair being transformed in a matter of a couple of hours. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this phenomenon." In 2007, Tibolli founded and became CEO of Global Keratin, a venture devoted to "the science of hair." He set about developing and creating a line of high-quality products that would have global appeal for salon professionals and their clients, all the while staying fi rmly on top of the industry's rapidly evolving technology. Just a few years later, based on its visionary founder's research on reparative and protective ingredients, the company introduced Juvexin—a protein blend extracted from New Zealand sheep's wool that's said to have anti-aging properties. The following year, the newly named GKhair (@gkhair) was reintroduced, and today the company offers more than 150 SKUs, including a professional color line featuring that star ingredient. Looking back on the past decade, Tibolli is keenly aware that product technology alone could not have brought GKhair to its current level of success. He often credits his strategically placed international staff, who stand ready to provide service in local languages as they continue to learn directly from native industry professionals on the forefront of the business. With a company culture built from strong values and a core responsibility to provide the best in products and services, GKhair is well positioned to continue growing. "Our aim over the next 10 years is to impact the beauty industry with as much innovation as we were able to in our fi rst 10, in what is now called 'the hair smoothing category,'" says Tibolli, whose entrepreneurial spirit shows no sign of dwindling. "I strongly believe that to become a leader you have to believe in yourself when no one else will. Your aim will become to compete with yourself and break down your own boundaries." GKhair celebrates 10 years of growth and innovation. —LINDA KOSSOFF Smooth Sailing Van Tibolli launches haircare company Global Keratin in his native country of Brazil. HIGHLIGHTS 2007 2008 2010 2014 2011 2017 Live & Learn/ Milestones Tibolli moves production from Brazil to the U.S. Company develops Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend for hair. Line is expanded to include Care, Styling and The Best Smoothing SKUs. GKhair products are now available in the fi nest salons around the world, with 400- plus distributors in more than 70 countries. COURTESY OF GKHAIR ts his strategically placed es as the y e front a cor e w ell a s much ir sig n v e Company introduces its fi rst Juvexin Cream Color line off ering 85 shades (currently 87). VAN TIBOLLI

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