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104 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | SEPTEMBER 2016 News —EMILIE BRANCH COLOR FLOCK by Redken Artist Matthew Tyldesley Inspiration: Inspiration can strike an artist anywhere, even in the chicken coop! The unique plumage of Redken Platform Artist Matthew Tyldesley's 14-week-old pet chickens inspired this truly inventive collection. "I chose the three chickens with the most unique patterns," says Tyldesley. "The sole rooster had pretty copper, red, green and black markings. A brown leghorn was marked by shades of yellow, brown and copper; and the australorp, which is a dark-feathered hen, has feathers that light up in iridescent tones of blue, violet and green when the sun hits them." Bright yellow and orange tones are styled into a sleek, romantic 'do. Mahogany hair is subtly tinged with blue and purple hues for dimensional color throughout. This edgy mohawk style is meant to refl ect the rooster. The look is powerful and fi ery, with a supremely rich red concentrated at the tips. HAIR: MATTHEW TYLDESLEY; MAKEUP: ISIDRO VALENCIA; STYLING: GENNA YUSSMAN; PHOTOGRAPHY: CLAY COOK; ADD. PROCESSING: JORDAN HARTLEY; MODELS: BROOKE ROBERTS, VICKIE TANG, EMMA KESEL

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