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92 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2016 TRAVEL BROADENS THE MIND By traveling the globe I get to be involved in bringing the vision of Matrix to life with artists from all over the world. I learn new techniques from artists from other countries and get new perspectives on fashion, design and technique. Newly appointed Matrix Creative Director Danielle Keasling chats with Executive Editor Amy Dodds about her ever-changing career path. Evolution Process Trendsetters/ Mood Board GETTY IMAGES (3) The greatest infl uence in my life was my father. He taught me to rely on myself and to always be fi nancially independent. He taught me the meaning behind hard work and dedication. If he were still here today, I know he would be my biggest supporter." LIFE GOALS When I started hairdressing, I just wanted to make loads of money, drive a nice car, take nice vacations and have a great retirement. Now 17 years into my career, my path has completely changed. I'm present and here for the journey. I have learned to stop trying to force my path and enjoy what's being put in front of me. If I could do hair in every country, dance on every continent and dive in every ocean, my life would be complete. LOOKING UP I have so many amazing mentors. My closest mentor who is now one of my closest friends is Chrystofer Benson. He has always taught me to be tough, stay true, stay loyal and stay humble. He has also taught me presentation skills, has supported my growth on stage and has become one of my favorite artistic partners. My staff at Salon Karma are also my mentors. They keep me on track and try to keep me balanced. A FLYING START My fi rst "job" wasn't really a job. I traveled everywhere with my mom back when fl ight attendants were allowed to bring their kids. I basically ran the plane. Of course I wasn't allowed to fl y it (I probably would have, given the opportunity!), but I was no stranger to passing out snacks and collecting the trash. And even though I couldn't reach the coffee, I was in charge of letting the trainees know where it was and what to do with it! Keasling presents at Matrix Destination. UNDERCOVER NATURE LOVER People probably wouldn't peg me for a nature girl, but I am completely happy when I'm in a kayak with orcas and other wildlife surrounding me. I love wildlife, and nature is therapy for me. Everything about it inspires me, from the beauty to the calm balance and even the occasional tropical storm. LIF E G OAL S Danielle Keasling ISLAND LIFE Tahiti—I will never get it out of my head. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The oceans, the land and the people— the fi nest in the world.

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