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JUL 2016

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W hen Oribe Hair Care Lead Kien Hoang fi nally has a moment to chat backstage at The Blonds, it's only after he's spent a good 15 minutes meticulously adjusting a turban encrusted with gold and crystal scarabs to sit just so atop a model's head. He tugs the turban in every direction while he works in the elements central to the hairstyle: two colossal pigtails. It's painstaking work—and only one minor step in an outrageous look that is quintessential "The Blonds." "Well, of course they're blonde—always, always blonde," Hoang laughs. True; season after season it's been the wont of the design duo Phillipe and David Blond to request a fl axen army. But the inspiration, always a comingling of several disparate concepts, is singular to this season: "It's Egypt meets disco," Hoang says. To achieve this beauty paragon, he begins by spraying hair with Oribe Foundation Mist ( and creating a clean middle part. He gathers each side into twin pigtails that he wants "nice and tight." From there, he braids the lengths and then wraps them into buns to act as foundations. He loops half of a hair donut around the top of each bun, lending the appearance of mesh rainbows. "I actually think they look like a panda's ears," he offers, explaining that their purpose is to give the style exaggerated height. After securing the donuts and locking them in with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray, Hoang turns to the wigs that will bring on the blonde. "They're not extensions; they're actually short wigs with really great texture," he says. He preps the roots of the wigs with Dry Texturizing Spray and then kneads Soft Dry Conditioner Spray onto the ends. Each wig is molded into a triangular shape using Superfi ne Strong hairspray and attached to the top of each bun. He then carefully clips the blonde pigtails razor-blunt, making sure the ends hit at lip level to accentuate the face. "Think sphinx and Cleopatra," Hoang concludes, and though the style is 100-percent fantasy, it's also 100-percent fi t for a disco queen. LUIS RUIZ FOR MATTE PROJECTS 84 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2016 Trendsetters/ Runway Report Nile Disco Queen of the When ancient Egypt meets the disco, there's nowhere else to go but up and out(rageous). —KARIE L. FROST a Two hair donut-wrapped buns serve as height-boosting anchors for the pigtails, but look like panda ears to Hair Lead Kien Hoang. Hero Product Oribe Superfi ne Strong hairspray holds the triangular mold of each pigtail. P d P d

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