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JUL 2016

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GETTY IMAGES Quick Tips Since extensions or hairpieces are a considerable investment for your client, you'll garner goodwill by arming her with info on how best to maintain them. We polled the experts on their top tips for at-home care. —ANGIE REIBER 52 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JULY 2016 Extended CARE LIVE & LE A R N BRUSHING "Brushing your hair seems to us stylists like an obvious task, but it is important to stress to your extension clients to do it often," points out Hotheads/ Hairtalk Platform Artist Alicia Iannone. "Helpful tip: Teach clients to brush their hair before shampooing." In particular, says Ron Cardillo, CEO of SO.CAP USA and certifi ed trichologist: "Brush gently from the ends up using a brush with tight bristles for everyday care and one with spaced bristles for tangles or knots." WASHING "Many times clients fi nd that with extensions added to their hair, they only need to shampoo 2-3 times per week," reveals Darren Brokaw, Creative Director and Educator for Great Lengths USA. "It's important to use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo along with a moisturizing conditioner. A deep conditioner once a week only on the ends, away from the attachment area, is ideal." When it comes to shampooing, adds Iannone: "Less is better because it maintains the integrity of the hair." DRYING "It's always best to air-dry your extensions when possible to prevent unnecessary damage to the hair," recommends Kimberly Miller of HALOCOUTURE Hair Extensions. "It's safe to blow-dry as long as you are gentle and keep the heat at medium-to- cool, instead of hot." And the attachment area? Says Brokaw, "Blow-dry the area to prevent the bonds from being in a constantly damp environment; however, avoid high-heat settings." STYLING With extensions, says Erin Hayden, Hairdreams Master Trainer, "One of the best parts is fi nding new ways to style your new hair!" She encourages clients to use thermal irons as long as they keep the tools away from attachment points. Elaborates Miller, "Always use products and styling tools that are professional grade. Since hair extensions can't regrow or replenish natural oils like our hair does, make sure you and your client are using heated tools that are ceramic-plated and provide protection from burning the hair." SWEATING OR SWIMMING "We recommend that clients put their strands in either a ponytail or braid while swimming or working out," notes Hayden. "Sometimes clients aren't used to having long hair and forget that these activities can cause tangles." Miller agrees, further advising clients with temporary extensions or hairpieces to remove them prior to jumping into the pool: "You wouldn't want your hairpiece to suddenly fl oat up next to you!"

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