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JUL 2016

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JULY 2016 | | 33 Conversations/ Profi les MANE ATTRACTION Cartier's eponymous salon in New Jersey offers a luxurious guest experience. DYNAMIC DUO The star hairstylist pals around with his son, Tyler. Martino Cartier waxes philosophical on salon life. LEARNING PHILOSOPHY Never stop. I had a hairdresser attend one of my presentations who has been an icon in this industry— and she's 90 years old now! She should be everyone's goal. CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS I hate when I hear hairdressers complain about a client being mean, or judge her for poor behavior on a given day. This same client is putting money in your pocketbook—be grateful! It's work! Don't ever underestimate the value of a client. Also, never forget: Everyone has a story to tell. You don't know what someone is going through. A divorce? A death in the family? Cut people some slack. WORK ETHIC In addition to my duties as a platform artist and managing my own brand, I continue to work in the salon eight to nine hours a day, often more than fi ve days a week. Hustle! SALON MANAGEMENT Focus on building an amazing staff that works hard and consists of good people. I enjoy being with my colleagues at the salon, and when I'm not there, I miss them! We have hardly any turnover, which means I can trust that even when I'm away, the salon is in good hands, because everyone really knows what they're doing. PIECE OF ADVICE Someone once told me, "Your reputation is like a pile of leaves—it can be easily blown away." Protect your name. Have integrity. BUSINESS BUILDING Being a professional hairdresser is a lifestyle—you always have to look the part, because you never know where and when you'll meet a potential client. Also, leave business cards everywhere you go—even if you only get one call from doing that, it can lead to a lifelong client. #WINNING Cartier—pictured with girlfriend, MaryKate Lally—proudly holds his Entertainer of the Year Award from Home Shopping Network. (Psst: He beat out the likes of chef Curtis Stone and Real Housewife NeNe Leakes!) THE TAO OF MARTINO current role with Hotheads Hair Extensions and his own eponymous product line. His passion for a public forum comes not only with the underlying desire to be accepted by his peers—something he struggled with for years growing up—but also to present a very clear message of empowerment to fellow stylists. When determining the key factors behind his ability to draw a crowd, Cartier cites his desire to motivate other stylists to sell more and refi ne their technique, and more importantly, to uplift and encourage self-worth. "Ninety-nine percent of hairdressers have at one point thought to themselves that they were 'less than' or not as smart as others, because that's how society often renders stylists," Cartier laments. "Yet as the scripture goes, 'So the last will be fi rst.' Whenever I'm on stage, whether it's for 15 minutes or one hour, I want to spend that time to remind them that's not the case. We change people's lives every day through what we do—not many other professionals can say that. I want hairdressers to realize the power they hold." At 40 years old, Cartier feels that he has found his place in the world, and looks to the future while always remaining grounded in the past. In fact, just a few years ago, he fi nally did meet his birth mother. And though the reunion was a happy one, it did not reshape or redefi ne him. "Life has not been easy, but I've lived and learned," says Cartier. "As long as I've had hope, I've been able to keep going. That's what it's all about." SALON: DENNIS KELLY PHOTOGRAPHY

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