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JUN 2016

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Y ou can't fault the people—this editor included—who work behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week for looking forward to the spring shows. There's levity to them; the season isn't weighed down by gloom and layers. In spring there's less clothing, for sure, and the beauty skews fresh, fun and not at all serious. At Milly, that's the aim: Keep it fresh; keep it loose. "There's a lot of color in the collection, and a lot of skin [shown]," says Phyto Hair Lead Recine. "We wanted this concept of beauty that's a 'just out of the shower' kind of freshness." First, Recine combs a heap of Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse through the hair, root to tip. "We're doing a wet look without water—it's all product!" he exclaims. He then layers a mixture of Intense Volume Mousse with Wet Gel along the front line of the hair, and runs a wide-tooth comb through the sides in what he calls "melon slices" to lend the hair shape. Neat squares of iridescent cellophane are clipped into three places: behind each ear and high up on the middle of the crown. The effect is spectacularly gorgeous, but Recine laughs when asked what this pearly trifecta means. "Everybody always asks me about them. The cellophane is just protection so my clips don't make marks. Usually stylists use a tissue or a card, but I make it prettier!" he says with a smile. Also pretty: the teeny, twirled tendrils that connect in the back. "I'm pulling two little pieces of hair from the nape of the neck and tying them together at the back just to keep the hair in control as opposed to going all over the place," he says, noting that a clear elastic keeps the hair tie from unraveling. Though the beauty ideal of wet hair is one long pushed by runway hairstylists, women would rather blow- dry their strands into a style after exiting their shower. What gives? "When this hair [look] comes out on the runway and the lights hit it and you have that beautiful diamond shine—all of a sudden it isn't just 'wet hair.' It's something more," Recine asserts. For someone who seeks more beauty in everything—even in the tools he uses to set his hairstyles—that explanation makes perfect sense. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP, LEFT: JP YIM/GETTY IMAGES (2); BEN GABBE/GETTY IMAGES (2) 74 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JUNE 2016 Trendsetters/ Runway Report Shower Heads Who doesn't want to feel—and look—fresh and clean? —KLF Cello he Brai Iridescent cellophane pieces act as buffers for clips, but could easily be mistaken as part of the style. Hero Product Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse douses hair in crunch- free sheen.

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