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JUN 2016

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T H E P U R E P R O FE S S I O N A L C O L L E CTION DISCOVER THEORIE — A ND THE HA IR EVERY WOM A N CR AVES...EVERY DAY. Discover the beautiful purity of superbly healthy hair— gorgeous glossiness that captures ever y reflection and ever y eye, with new PU U RE RE E R P RO O FE E SS IO O NA NA A L HA A H IR R C AR R E f rom TH TH TH H T EO EO O E RI R E , creators of the world's finest hair care collections. PU U RE RE E P RO O FE FE F SS SS IO IO O NA L HA HA A H IR IR R C AR R E products are formulated with our efficacious proprietar y EL L E M M EN TA TA TA A L BO BO O TA TA A T NI I N CA C L CO MPLE X , engineered to treat and repair frizzy, flat or damaged tresses, restoring healthy life and beauty. These EL L E M M EN N TA L BO O TA A NI CA A L CO MP LE E XE E S transform hair from within — deeply replenishing pores, restoring moisture, thickening , strengthening and rebuilding fragile, flat and frizzy strands. IN IN N TR R T OD UC UC C IN IN N I G G

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