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46 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JUNE 2016 Dana Hedden, a stylist at Hair Express in Terre Haute, Indiana, recalls a special day spent volunteering her tress talents at St. Benedict's Soup Kitchen. Conversations/ POV Kitchen Confidential I t all started when I watched a Facebook video with some of my fellow Hair Express stylists. It showed hairdressers giving back to their communities by providing free cuts for homeless individuals in another city, and it made us realize we could do the same. Then one of our salon clients, Susan Seitz, suggested we lend our service at St. Benedict's Soup Kitchen, where she volunteers. So one Tuesday morning in March, I gathered my scissors and combs and set off with Jessica Meyers, Brittani Hash and Ashley Speer. I felt really nervous. This was my fi rst time performing volunteer work of any kind, and I had no idea what to expect. We set up our stations in a big room where people usually eat lunch. Though not every St. Benedict's visitor is homeless, all of them have no or low income, which means they can't afford many of the things we often take for granted—like a $20 haircut. A screen separated our four chairs from the tables, and a small nearby restroom served as the perfect makeshift shampoo station. Despite relatively short notice, lots of men and women showed up. They ranged in age and each told a unique story, but all of them were so happy and grateful we had come. One woman told me she had a son whose father was in jail, and she was doing all she could to provide him with the things he wanted. Another woman asked me to chop off her long mane—she was ready for a drastic change. Someone else hugged me after I'd fi nished trimming her hair, because she felt so appreciative for the 10 minutes of my time. Then something remarkable happened: The more they talked, the more I realized these were just regular clients, sharing stories with their stylists. The hardest part was seeing the kids. I think we often forget or fail to realize that children can be homeless, too. Some of these seven- and eight-year-old kids were scared of us, because it was their fi rst time ever getting a haircut. That was emotionally challenging, but the grins on their faces after we were done also made it the most special aspect of my day. Before I had this experience, I had no idea how good it can feel to give wholly of yourself to others. I have renewed appreciation for my education, my job and the many wonderful facets of my life. I now plan on volunteering regularly at St. Benedict's, as we're hoping to set up consistent visits every six weeks. After hearing details of our morning, many of the other girls we work with want to join us at the next appointment. I'd also like to begin branching out to other shelters in neighboring towns. This could be the start of more good things. —As told to Francesca Moisin Brittani Hash, Dana Hedden and Jessica Meyers • Helps reduce callouses • Stimulating & Refreshing Like microdermabrasion for your feet! Perfect for use in the shower. Follow with PARDOI NOURISHING Foot Cream for extra sof ness. PARODI wants you, and your clients, to feel great ever y day! We know long hours standing in the salon can create tired, dry, and calloused feet. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN! Introducing PARODI SMOOTHING EXFOLIANT for Feet

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