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70 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2015 GOAL SISTER When I fi rst started doing hair at 18, I remember saying to myself, "When I do hair for fashion week, I'll have made it!" Fast-forward to fall 2007, and I was styling hair for some of the hottest designers. Since then, I have checked off many professional accomplishments and I continue to strive for more. My current goal is to share as much of my experience and skills with others to help them on their path to accomplishing their goals. Aloxxi Creative Director Marilyn Cole shares with Executive Editor Amy Dodds what's motivating her, who's inspired her and who her Jedi Master is. Objects of My Obsession Trendsetters/ Mood Board TOP, RIGHT & BOTTOM, LEFT: GETTY IMAGES I adore our industry, and feel so blessed to be a part of it. We touch people's lives—we change their hair, improve their confi dence, make them feel good, have fun and we're trusted confi dantes. I have had the opportunity to love what I do and be loved for what I do. That's pretty freakin' awesome!" G W 1 " I t h THERE IS NO TRY I had the privilege of working alongside Michael Shaun Corby for many years. As a mentor, he really inspired my love for education and sparked my desire to grow in this beautiful industry. He had faith in me, gave me many opportunities and has always encouraged me. We had a very Yoda/Skywalker sort of relationship. I just adore him! UNTAMED BEAUTY After I was married earlier this year, we took a road trip up the California coast on our "mini-moon." We let the road be our guide and ended up in Big Sur for four days. It's a mystical place where the mountains meet the ocean and, honestly, I found a piece of myself there. Since we left, we cannot wait to get back. It's our heaven on earth. DOWN WITH THE UNDERGROUND At the moment, I'm totally obsessed with underground art and artists. One of my favorites is Ken Dougherty. He has a way of capturing color, texture and dimension of a woman's eyes and hair like I have never seen before. I have a few of his pieces in my salon and they have given "hairspiration" to my clients and me many times over. L.A. TIMES Living and working in Los Angeles is fantastic! The energy, culture and diversity in this city are just incredible. I am inspired daily from all the foods, fashions and arts. The city of Los Angeles is a very art- infl uenced city, so it's easy to feel a part of it and channel it into your creative projects. A haunting image from L.A.-based artist Ken Dougherty. Michael Shaun Corby Big Sur, California Los Angeles Marilyn Cole

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