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64 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2015 T here's a very whimsical beauty to the Honor label. Every piece feels like it should be worn in a hazy dreamscape—or maybe the woods, where this season's inspiration is set. "She's wandering through the forest," explains Hair Lead James Pecis, who's working with Phyto. And though she may be dodging branches and dew, her hair remains beautifully coifed in a half-up, half-down style à la French actress Catherine Deneuve. "I wanted it to be more '70s-inspired," Pecis says. "The '70s were sexy whereas the '60s were cute"—at least when it comes to hair. To hit his mark, Pecis preps hair with Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray ( and blow-dries it straight. Then, Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse eliminates any stray fl yways along the hairline. "We're doing a classic set, but the hair needs to move," Pecis relates as he wraps sections around a large-barrel iron and clips each coil into place. After the set cools, he runs mousse through the lengths again for added defi nition and volume. And oh, what volume he conjures! Separating the hair into two sections, top and bottom, he sets to work backcombing the top, creating that '70s-style height Deneuve was known for. This is where it gets tricky: Once he's achieved the desired volume, Pecis stitches the top section into place. Yes—you read that correctly. "I get this elastic string at the milliner's," he smiles. "I just prefer doing this to using bobby pins. Bobby pins tend to weigh the hair down. This technique is like magic; it holds the shape and, since the head is round, it conforms to the head so you don't notice it." As a fi nal touch, Pecis places a metallic headband on each model, securing it at the nape with a pin. "The Honor girl always has some sort of hair accessory," he says. "She's typically pretty and girlie." Even when wandering through the woods. A "magic" technique and '70s-style height feed the whimsy of the Honor girl. —KARIE L. FROST Trendsetters/ Runway Report TOP, LEFT: GRANT LAMOS IV/GETTY IMAGES; BOTTOM, LEFT: JP YIM/GETTY IMAGES Through the Forest Stitched i Li James Pecis uses this stitching trick in lieu of bobby pins. Hero Product Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse defi nes hair as it defi es fl yways.

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