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DEC 2015

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THE NEXT GENERATION IN PROFESSIONAL STYLING IS EPIC ™ PROWETBRUSH.COM BEAUTIFUL STARTS HERE. EPI C DELUXE DETANGLER Redesigned for comfort and maximum detangling ivwViVÞ°ÌiiÝ ® bristles glide through >ÀivvÀÌiÃÃÞ° BLOWOUT Extra long carbon infused barrel provides superior ÌiÀ>ÃÌÞ}°}i>Ì EViV>ÀiÃÃÌ>Ì° QUICK DRY™ -«ii`Ã`ÀÞ}Ìi LÞ Õ«ÌÎ䯰"«i ÛiÌi` design channels more hot >ÀÌÌi>À° EXTENSION Looped bristles ease through tangles without snagging hair, wefts and weaves and won't catch iÝÌiÃð

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