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You've won an important styling award—so now what? Alyssa Brasket shares how she leveraged her American Crew All-Star Challenge semifi nalist win to increase her business and confi dence. —AMY DODDS COURTESY OF AMERICAN CREW Photo Op Live & Learn/ Business Affairs 38 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2015 I t wasn't all about the money or the glory—the reason Alyssa Brasket entered the American Crew All-Star Challenge was because she found out that she'd get the opportunity to work with professional photographer Quavondo Nguyen of Los Angeles. Brasket works in Vancouver, Washington, at The Barbers, a chain with 11 salons in Washington and 18 in Oregon. Every year as part of an educational event, owners Don and Alison Lovell host a how-to video challenge, which Brasket eagerly entered. As a thank-you and to further the love of barbering, the owners offered all those who created a video the opportunity to cut and style a model's hair, have it professionally photographed and submitted to the All-Star Challenge. "When I heard that, my heart started racing," Brasket exclaims. "I'd wanted a chance like that since I was 13 years old!" We know what happened next. Brasket beat out hundreds of other entrants to clinch the U.S. win, and went on to compete in the global competition. For many, the story would stop there, or maybe continue on with other award submissions and wins. But Brasket decided to take her achievement to the next level and use it to increase her business. One of the toughest obstacles was to communicate the importance of the All-Star Challenge to clients who aren't familiar with the competition. "To make the most out of my victory, I did whatever possible to promote my work in the public eye," says Brasket, who explains that she used avenues such as social media and magazine interviews to showcase her success. Not long after, "I was booked up at the shop and received more calls and walk-ins from men looking to come in for cuts and styles," she reveals, adding with a laugh, "and I continue to hold myself to the high standard that everyone expects from the supposed best barber in the U.S.!" This is especially important for Brasket, who sagely says that publicity might get new clients, "but quality of service is what makes them loyal customers." To that end, she is studying the American Crew Menswork Method and she has even had the opportunity to photograph with Crew Founder David Raccuglia. "I was able to see how the cuts turned out in print and learn how to tweak my work based on face shape," Brasket relates. And though she says the experience gave her a whole new perspective on cutting hair, she again brings it back to the client. "When I landed back in the shop, I was ready to talk to my clients about what style would best suit their everyday needs," she explains. "I was also able to show them how to switch-up their style for special occasions. It's amazing how it just comes even more naturally now—every move I make shows that I have gained more confi dence in my craft!" story For the image that won Brasket the American Crew All-Star Challenge, the barber drew inspiration from classic style icons. ALYSSA BRASKET There's still time! Enter the American Crew All-Star Challenge at allstarchallenge by February 17, 2016 for your chance at winning $5,000 and the opportunity to compete in the global competition. PROWETBRUSH.COM BEAUTIFUL STARTS HERE. STYLIST INTRO KIT Provides stylists with a complete set of best-in-class tools. GET 2 FREE CARBON COMBS A $20 VALUE GE T 2 FR EE C AR BO N CO MB S A $ 20 VALUE

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