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36 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2015 W hen your dad is a bona fi de hair industry legend, fi lling those shoes can be daunting. But Elan and Eden Sassoon, son and daughter of Vidal, are making their own mark on the industry with Salon Matchmakers, launched in June and already clocking rapid growth. The nationwide service endeavors to team salons and spas with talented stylists, inspiring long-term retention in an industry plagued by turnover—while helping stylists land their dream jobs. "We wanted to fi nd a way to unify the salon and spa job recruiting process by way of visual connections," Elan explains. "We give members of the industry the power to connect with each other in one industry-wide recruiting platform." Bid adieu to endless (and fruitless) employment hunts; Salon Matchmakers promises a "simple, effi cient and professional" experience for salons and stylists alike. The service allows for fi nding the perfect fi t between both parties, thanks to the option of adding videos or photos that showcase stylists' personality and their hair-related handiwork—and, best of all, it's free. "Job seekers, including students, can view and connect with a wider range of salons/spas, evaluate images and job posts, and therefore optimize their career choices," Eden enthuses. "And salons and spas can view and connect with more job seekers, including students, so they can make better hiring decisions in a more time-effi cient way." "The site allows students and stylists to view potential places they want to work at, and salons to more effectively recruit students or stylists with visual aids," Elan adds. Of course, both siblings have had oodles of industry experience to help them perfect the site: Elan has launched salons, academies and product lines, while Eden helms a swank SoCal hair hot spot. Next, the pair wants to expand the service globally—after all, it's quickly expanding stateside, with new members joining weekly (within three months of its launch, Salon Matchmakers' membership increased by more than 250 percent). "A majority of new members heard about the program through strategic alliances with partners and direct marketing, but our plan is to begin a broader marketing campaign focusing on promoting to the industry's professional organizations, as well as major industry media outlets," Elan relates. "Not only is this service very useful—it's needed in our industry." LIVE & LE A R N Business Affairs The new Salon Matchmakers service from Elan and Eden Sassoon bridges the gap between salons and job-seeking stylists. —TRACY MORIN Matchmaker, Matchmaker We give members of the industry the power to connect with each other in one industry-wide recruiting platform." EDEN SASSOON ELAN SASSOON

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