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26 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2015 F inding a lifelong partner can be tricky enough, but Christopher Dove and John Simpson haven't only located their soul mates— they've pooled their primo careers in the hair biz to launch CoCre8 ( and become Spokespeople for ReGenesis. The former is a brand-neutral education brand designed to help salons increase revenue and effi ciency—all while not losing creativity. "CoCre8 is a brand of education like no other," Simpson says. "A brand of non-manufacturer-driven education. It's intense, it's informative, it's raw and it's real!" The education CoCre8 provides is as varied as it comes—from large stage productions to in-salon education to hands-on, one-on-one demos, the pair demonstrates cutting, coloring and fi nishing methods. What's more, they thrive on incorporating thought and experiences into their curriculum, ensuring that students take away an enhanced thought process and new approach to hair as a craft and art form, not just a job. Dove and Simpson have taken their brand one step further: They just introduced their CoCre8 Irons—"made with creativity and heart," says Dove. The six interchangeable barrels are fused with titanium and tourmaline and have a ceramic inner core, meaning they boast even heat distribution. "We were often asked the questions of how we achieve the looks for our shows, editorial shoots and classes," says Simpson. "This prompted us to ask ourselves, 'What if we created a collection of our personal favorites?' The result is a tool that we honestly and truly believe in." Another product they believe in is ReGenesis ( Originally drawn to the company for its passionate philanthropy and history as a successful supplier of lash and brow boosters, the deal was sealed when they witnessed the hair products' high performance. "We knew the company had a strong reputation of innovation from the success of its eyelash and eyebrow conditioning products, and we saw this technology presented an amazing opportunity to help those with fi ne and thinning hair," Simpson recalls. "We were also drawn to the opportunity to create a curriculum for a brand that believes in training for the industry; it's a priceless combination." Toting years of experience as global and creative leaders for major manufacturers, the duo works closely with ReGenesis' marketing, sales and education teams, collaborating to supercharge the brand's success and momentum. To wit: They've already created and tested new styling treatment products and are planning for the next generation of hair educational collections, while examining how to take future successful collections even further. "We have different things that inspire us, as well as a common thread that ties us together," Dove muses. "The creative process is always intense, but intensity feeds creativity." "We never make a sacrifi ce or a compromise," Simpson adds. "We meet in the middle and then push each other's inspiration further." "Between the both of us, we have an intense strength and powerful energy," Dove concludes. "The fi nal destination is unknown—but no matter where the journey goes, it will be a genuine and authentic adventure." Kind Two of a Real-life power couple Christopher Dove and John Simpson join their award-winning talents in CoCre8 and as ReGenesis Spokesmen. —TRACY MORIN PHOTOGRAPHY: ERIC SCHWABEL; HAIR: JOHN SIMPSON AND CHRISTOPHER DOVE Conversations/ Profi les Christopher Dove and John Simpson An exclusive image from CoCre8's holiday collection! Log on to beautylaunchpad. com/cocre8-holiday for how to "recre8" and see more images from the collection. Opposites Attract HIDDEN TALENTS KARAOKE STYLE SKETCHING SUPPLIES Christopher: Pro shopper and stylist John: Computer- and hot glue gun-savvy Christopher: Wow-worthy singing voice John: Lip-syncer Christopher: Pencil and chalk John: Sharpie and glitter

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