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DECEMBER 2015 | | 21 FUEL CUTTING MIST Ever since I fi rst met the gang at Fuel, I've been intrigued by their stance as an education company fi rst, and product manufacturer second. Just a glance at the blog on their website,, demonstrates that this team is dedicated to elevating the craft of the stylist. And true to that ethos, Cutting Mist is designed to aid the stylist: It protects against moisture loss with aloe vera, while providing the perfect slip for cutting and combing. Another huge plus? A revolutionary packaging design that allows for the product to dispense in a continuous stream—no pumping or aerosol required. And the bottle looks super cool, to boot! Conversations/ Launches 2016 Edition TRESSA WATERCOLORS LIGHTENER Want to take your clients higher? When you use Watercolors Lightener in conjunction with the company's 20-Volume Processor, you can lift up to 8 levels thanks to an increased persulfate performance—the backbone of the oxidation process—with sodium, potassium and ammonium for prime lifting action. What's more, there's no swelling due to the de-dusted powder's natural humectants: aloe, argan oil and keratin amino acids. The combined action of the persulfates and the humectants allows for a stronger, yet safer, lift of the hair. WELLA PROFESSIONALS EIMI "I exist, I am." That's what the word EIMI translates to from Greek—the essence of life. So it's no wonder that EIMI, the new styling and care line from Wella Professionals, is all about celebrating and sharing individual style. Customizable and easy to navigate, the collection is divided into fi ve pillars— volume, smoothing, texture, shine and hairspray—and is headlined by four hero products: Dry Me Dry Shampoo, Root Shoot Precise Root Mousse, Perfect Me Lightweight Beauty Balm Lotion and, my personal fave, Sugar Lift Sugar Spray for Voluminous Texture. MALIBU C CONCENTR8 MIXERS Continuing with the puffy hair theme, I recently blended up a cocktail of Malibu C's Concentr8 Mixer conditioners with great results. I combined two parts Rehydr8 Moisture Conditioner, which delivers a major moisture boost, to one part Rehabilit8 Protein Conditioner, which replenishes amino acids only on weakened strands, and one part Illumin8 Oil Fusion Conditioner, which adds intense shine and refl ection. The best part of these packets is that they can be nearly infi nitely measured and combined so you can truly customize treatments for your clients, both in salon and at home, to ensure their hair is always looking its best—and puff-free. MORE

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