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90 BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD AUGUST 2019 Industry Feed MEET THE INDIVIDUALS BEHIND THE INDUSTRY'S LEADING BRANDS. Getting to Know You MY MAIN GOAL WITH THE COMPANY IS: Supporting our family of stylists in achieving their defi nition of success, whether it's becoming a master stylist, an educator or a salon manager, or simply having the fl exibility to pick their kids up from school. JCPenney believes that when we invest in our people and help them live the lives they've imagined, they invest in their clients and we get great results as a team. LEADERSHIP MEANS: Recognizing talent in others and helping to remove barriers to achieving our shared objectives. IN FIVE YEARS I SEE THE HAIR INDUSTRY: Continuing to elevate, innovate and off er even more exciting experiences for our clients. I GET INSPIRED BY: e talent of the JCPenney Salon by InStyle stylist family. ey're artists, informal therapists and confi dence magicians; they hold so much power in their hands to make people feel better, and that ability (and the ripple eff ect it can create) gets me excited! MY FAVORITE WAY TO UNWIND IS: Spending time in nature with my family. We love to be near the water or in the woods enjoying the great outdoors. WHEN I THINK OF BEAUTY, I THINK OF: Unlimited possibilities. Beauty is ultimately about focusing on the positive; you can fi nd beauty in anything or anyone if you try. I WORK IN PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY BECAUSE: It's exactly where I belong. Serving this incredible community of stylists and delivering incredible experiences to our clients is what gets me up every morning. COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS Å RACHEL JUD, Vice President of Salons for JCPenney MY MAIN GOALS WITH THE COMPANY ARE: Celebrating the foundation of who we are as a brand while establishing what that looks like in a changing beauty landscape, as well as taking an omnichannel approach to education with increased off erings and opportunities. I'm also focusing on creative expansion of the Moroccanoil look, and a heightened commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. LEADERSHIP MEANS: Servant leadership. I always ask myself, "Am I focusing on and bettering the people and communities around me?" IN FIVE YEARS I SEE THE HAIR INDUSTRY: Committing to the needs of a busy, diversifi ed consumer market and meeting consumers where they're at with experiential touch points. I GET INSPIRED BY: My husband, a strong work ethic and the "everyday" woman. MY FAVORITE WAY TO UNWIND IS: is Southern boy likes some good food, good red wine, good company, and watching a good ball game. MY TOP VACATION DESTINATION IS: Napa, California. WHEN I THINK OF BEAUTY, I THINK OF: e strength and grace that comes from dedicated individuals persevering against adversity. I WORK IN PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY BECAUSE: I've seen the impact that helping someone look her best can have. Å ROBERT HAM, Vice President of Global Education for Moroccanoil

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