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AUGUST 2019 85 LASH AND BROW LOSSES What happens when hair loss or thinning aff ects the lashes and/or brows? Lynn La Palermo, owner of Occhi' Lash & Brow Studio and Occhi' Lash Institute, explains that lash and brow thinning can diff er from hair thinning, but similarities exist. For example, lash/ brow loss can also be caused by traction alopecia—for example, longtime wearing of strip lashes or waterproof mascara, or tweezing brows thinly for so long that a fuller brow is no longer possible. "We try to determine the source: clients' own self-abuse, medications, illness, drastic weight loss, etc.," Palermo explains. "For illness, if they're in the recovery cycle, we recommend a supplement (a biotin complex) combined with a topical growth and conditioning serum to help regrow brows or lashes." However, brow loss from ongoing medications may not respond to these solutions, leading clients to permanent makeup options like microblading or powdered brows. For combating lash loss, Palermo opts for a soft Volume lash extensions set—but only if it won't damage the integrity of clients' own lashes. "Never compromise the integrity of the lashes by going too long or too thick," Palermo stresses. " e application technique remains the same, but you might use thinner lash extensions and less adhesive, focusing more on maintaining the health of natural lashes." Palermo's advice: Look for natural lashes in a growth stage as well as lashes that can hold a minimum of two .05- or .03-millimeter lashes, and evaluate the overall health of the eyelid—e.g. no existing infl ammation or irritation. " e technician needs to be the professional and take the upper hand," Palermo concludes. " e lash extensions clients want might not be best for them, especially for weak or thinning natural lashes. If the extensions are too heavy and fall off , clients will notice gaps and broken lashes, and they end up blaming the technician. Or, when using more adhesive to get heavier lashes to hold, the clients return and say they hurt." In other words, direct the client; take into consideration what she wants, but know what the client's lashes can handle. Educate the client and use encouragement—for example, say, "As your lashes get healthier, we can do more, but we need your lashes in a more stable place to give you fuller or longer looks." Dr. Yazdan agrees that traction alopecia aff ects brows via repeated plucking, but can also be related to medication side eff ects. Blaisure adds that eyebrow and eyelash thinning can also occur with specifi c conditions like alopecia areata and thyroid disorder. "As we age, brows and lashes can become sparse, just like the hair on our head does," she notes. "But products on the market are designed to support growth of lashes and brows." Ardell Stroke a Brow Feathering Pen fi lls in thinning brows with natural-looking results thanks to a fi ne, tapered precision tip that creates the look of individual brow hairs. @ardellbeauty Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum helps improve length, fullness and thickness via a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, and conditioning ingredients that promote shiny, lush, longer-looking fl utter. @grandecosmetics neuLash Professional Lash Enhancing Serum is fortifi ed with patented Active Eyelash Technology and WideLash to help lashes appear noticeably softer and longer in as little as three to four weeks. @skinresearchpro NovaLash Lash+Doctor , an advanced eyelash and eyebrow serum, contains a powerful revitalizing complex that uses peptides, natural plant extracts and multivitamins to combat lash loss caused by follicle aging. @novalashusa GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS AS WE AGE, BROWS AND LASHES CAN BECOME SPARSE, JUST LIKE THE HAIR ON OUR HEAD DOES." —MICHELLE BLAISURE Tend to sparse lashes and brows with these visual helpers. LUSHER LASHES AND BROWS

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