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82 BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD AUGUST 2019 1 Bosley Professional Strength Follicle Energizer boasts stimulating activators and keratin-strengthening pentapeptides, increasing cellular energy and microcirculation in the scalp to support healthy hair growth in areas of low density. @bosleypro 2 ColorProof Color Care Authority BioRepair-8 Anti-Aging Scalp & Hair Therapy Kit is designed to prevent and combat thinning hair by working at the bio- cellular level to stimulate, energize, nourish, and restore the scalp. @colorproofhair 3 Eufora Thickening Regimen Kit assures 30 days to thicker, fuller hair with advanced technology—including the exclusive ProAmino Cell Complex, which helps to nourish and protect the scalp, stimulate the follicle, and prevent follicular atrophy. @euforainternational 4 GroMD Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditioner tackles thinning hair with a proprietary blend of DHT blockers, plus anti-infl ammatory ingredients to help reverse thinning and revert the follicles to produce healthy hair again. 5 Nioxin System Kit 1 strengthens, nourishes and bestows thicker-looking hair with Cleanser Shampoo, Scalp Therapy Conditioner and Scalp & Hair Treatment. @nioxin 6 Rejuvenol Nioclinic Care is a synergistic regimen of products for fi ne and thinning hair, combining gentle cleansing with scalp treatment and therapy products to improve the scalp's environment and sustain visually younger and thicker hair. [Not all products shown] @rejuvenol 7 Surface Awaken Scalp Elixir features sandalwood extract to stimulate the scalp, speeding the delivery of D-biotin, vital nutrients and essential microminerals to the cellular generation area of hair. @surfacehairhealth 8 Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Regimen —including Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic—is a preventative system that contains proprietary Regeniplex Botanical Blend to promote healthy hair and scalp. @teatreehaircare 9 Kenra Professional Platinum Thickening Mousse increases the density of the hair shaft by up to 150% in addition to providing humidity defense. @kenraprofessional styling products with petrochemicals (e.g. petroleum-based gels and alcohol-based sprays) that clog the follicle and dry the scalp. "Repetitive points of tension or pressure on points throughout the hair and scalp can lead to broken hair patches and thinning spots," Hill says. "To combat traction alopecia, lubricate and moisturize more than normal if your client wears a ponytail or headband; a layer of moisture gives the hair fi bers more elasticity, so they're less prone to breaking. Also advise that she avoids clipping or wrapping the hair with too much tension." With medications that interfere with hair growth, Dr. Yazdan notes that clients can consult with their doctors on alternatives. "Autoimmune conditions require steroid and anti-infl ammatory injections, followed by close supervision from a doctor," he says. "And hormonal causes are treated by lowering levels of DHT or balancing out hormones that aren't within normal range." If hair loss runs in the family, Blaisure advocates products that support healthy hair growth. "Minoxidil has been shown to be eff ective, especially for women, but since there is no cure for genetically driven loss, this must be incorporated into daily routines to maintain results," she explains. Her other tips for clients: Periodically use a scalp scrub to help stimulate and remove cellular and product buildup from the scalp and hair. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, administered by a licensed professional, have also shown promise in helping to stimulate growth. Hill agrees that a multipronged approach is required for thinning hair. " e key to prevention and/or minimizing hair loss: Incorporate scalp care and take action early," she stresses. "Hair loss prevention must address the cell, the surrounding tissue and the blood—working internally and externally." For family history-related hair loss, Hill recommends quality supplements, as well as topical solutions that increase cellular turnover and keep the hair in its growing phase for longer periods of time. But, she adds, one simple change to help combat hair loss is to create scalp care routines by pretreating domes with oils that aid in circulation—for example, orange and lavender oils, which encourage cellular turnover. Recommend these scalp-nourishing and hair-thickening products for those with stressed tresses. 1 2 3 4 5 6 9 7 8 THIN LINES COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS

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