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80 BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD AUGUST 2019 and may notice it in their mid-30s and 40s, when perimenopause starts." Additionally, aging causes the hair growth cycles to slow, leading to a higher percentage of hair staying in the resting cycle—which, over time, leads to density and diameter changes: less hair, texture alterations, and weaker, drier, frizzier locks as hair loses its lipid layer. Stress, a more common agent for hair loss in women, causes an increase in cortisol (the stress hormone), which over time "steals" hormones and nutrients the body needs to function well, leading to imbalance and defi ciencies. "Since we don't need hair to live, hair is last in line to get what it needs to grow in a healthy manner," Blaisure explains. "Any type of traumatic event can also disrupt the hair cycle, leading to sudden excessive shedding (typically happening about three months after the event), but this will usually self-correct after a few months." Additional culprits, Whether at home or in the salon, certain measures can help care for hair that's thinning so the problem doesn't worsen. Syrenthia Quinones shares 10 tips you can give your clients. THINNING TLC 1 | Wash regularly to help rid the hair and scalp of buildup from products and oils. Use a cleanser and conditioner that moisturize both the hair and scalp. 2 | Towel-dry gently. Use as little force as possible when drying to help reduce breakage and tangles. 3 | Dry with medium heat; high heat can cause signifi cant breakage and damage. Or let hair dry naturally! 4 | Invest in a boar bristle brush. Softer bristles are gentler on the scalp and strands; the density of the bristles spreads out pressure more evenly. 5 | Brush the ends fi rst. Avoid using too much force, and gently work toward the roots to avoid tangles and breakage. 6 | Wear a loose ponytail. Pulling hair too tight strains the roots and causes stress along the hairline, contributing to breakage. 7 | A three-minute scalp massage helps increase blood circulation to the roots and thereby carry nutrients to the scalp. 8 | Hair growth begins inside the body, so maintain a proper diet and lifestyle. Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Eat nutrients and foods important for hair growth. 9 | For long hair, styling in a braid before sleeping helps reduce breakage. 10 | Condition regularly—it's essential for nourishing strands and makes them stronger and more resistant to damage. Use an occasional deep-conditioning mask or in-salon treatment for added benefi ts. and buildup. A poor blood supply results in sluggish cell turnover, leading to the buildup of sebum and dead skin cells that plug the follicle, preventing hair growth," Markham notes. "Finally, there's the failure of new growth to anchor: As tissue repair mechanisms fail, the new, weakened hair is unable to anchor properly and begins to fall out." To complicate matters further, Michelle Blaisure, product development director for Bosley Professional Strength, reports that hair loss is often multifactorial; your client could have a myriad of causes at play, including genetics. "About 20 percent of women thin due to an inherited condition known as female pattern hair loss—the same inherited predisposition (androgenetic alopecia) that causes up to 66 percent of men to lose their hair by age 60," Blaisure details. " is genetic predisposition causes the follicle in the crown and hairline to be sensitive to DHT, which, over time, shortens the hair life cycle, producing fi ner and weaker tresses, and can lead to changes in density. Men can go completely bald, often starting in their late teens or early 20s, while women experience diff used thinning ANY TYPE OF TRAUMATIC EVENT CAN ALSO DISRUPT THE HAIR CYCLE, LEADING TO SUDDEN EXCESSIVE SHEDDING." —MICHELLE BLAISURE GETTY IMAGES

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