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Jamie Sea FIND YOUR AUDIENCE Dana started by inventing her dream client. She considered a wide variety of qualities, such as her consumer's physical attributes, preferred hobbies and pastimes, and top life and beauty challenges. en the pro dove into deeper detail: Where does she shop? What's her favorite cocktail? "I created this person I speak with and listen to, and even gave her a name, which is 'Brynn,'" says Dana. Every action she now takes on social media—photos, captions, Stories—is in consideration of how Brynn, the myopic representation of Dana's vast audience, will respond. at's enabled her, the stylist, to form deeper, more meaningful connections within the abstract blogosphere. Here's the ironic side note: A real woman named Brynn, who looked identical to the conjured avatar, did start following Dana shortly after the completion of that exercise. "I used to wonder if I manifested her," laughs the pro. GET PERSONAL A cool logo alone can't make a brand because viewing it evokes little emotion. At the end of the day, people use social media because they want to feel something— connected, validated and elevated. "My page initially started with transformative hair photos," says Sea. "But as time went on, I realized I needed to disclose more of myself and what I believe in order to convey the happiness I feel when creating magic behind the chair." A random professional posting before-and-after imagery is less accessible than a real stylist with a story. "It can feel uncomfortable or even narcissistic to stand in front of a camera, but your audience can't bond with you unless they get to know you," says Dana. Get past any initial "ick factor"—you're not being braggadocious!— and f lip the lens to show up on Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. At minimum, each profi le must include a headshot, and one out of every 10 posts should include a more personalized snapshot that exposes some aspect of the stylist's life, from work reveals to glimpses of time spent servicing other parts of the community. Whether serious or off beat, here's the chance to take a chance. " e point is to reveal the stylist behind the curtain, because 'the Great and Powerful Oz' is not an engaging fi gure," Dana explains. 76 BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD AUGUST 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING TIPS Elizabeth Faye COURTESY OF JAMIE SEA; COURTESY OF ELIZABETH FAYE

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