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10 BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD AUGUST 2019 TWO UNRELATED TOPICS, both pivotal to our business, top the docket for our August issue: social media and the art of branding, as well as a (not as sexy but defi nitely as vital) conversation on hair thinning and ways to address it. Both of these discussions happen to be subjects that weigh on my mind. On a professional level, there's the social media discourse. We—like countless others—are always trying to grow our IG presence via @beautylaunchpad with images and videos that are meant to educate and inspire; however, we also want to remain authentic to our unique voice and not simply share an image that we don't personally endorse just because we think it'll net "likes." To do so feels artifi cial, and we want to have a real relationship with our audience. It's an ongoing battle, as I'm sure it is for you, too. Hence, we've rounded up pro- beauty's top infl uencers to share their insights on what makes a strong IG page and ho w to grow your following via strategic branding while staying true to you. Turn to page 74 to glean wisdom from the likes of Larisa Love, Jamie Sea and more. On a personal level for me (and perhaps professionally for you, in terms of your clientele), I've been waging a battle with waning strands for a few years now. While it's relatively easy to conceal my thinning crown via strategic styling or hair wefts, I'm dismayed that my hair isn't the thick mane it once was, and—let's face it—may never be again. For many of your clients, the same holds true. at's why it's up to you to guide them on the proper styling acumen and appropriate hair tonics that'll help decrease the appearance of thinning locks and, in turn, increase their confi dence. To learn more, fl ip to our " rough ick and in" feature on page 78. BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD'S EXECUTIVE EDITOR ALYSON OSTERMAN-KERR SHARES WHAT'S ON HER MIND THIS MONTH. HEADSHOT: COURTESY OF 901 SALON AND BEAUTY COACH; KATHERINE FREY/THE WASHINGTON POST VIA GETTY IMAGES; INSTAGRAM; ARMANDO SANCHEZ (2); ALYSON OSTERMAN-KERR On My Radar Good Business ALYSON OSTERMAN-KERR, Executive Editor @alysonosterman FOLLOW Kelsey Deuel (@kelseydeuelhair) serves up swoon-worthy blondes and vivid hues that are worth a double-tap. READ As an avid fan of Greek mythology, I was eager to read Madeline Miller's Circe—and it did not disappoint. Miller's reimagining of Homer's The Odyssey is told from a female perspective that's at once sensitive, subversive and strong. WRITE Confession: I've long been wary of self-help/journaling books that are meant to aid in visualization and, in turn, life guidance. However, I recently received The Five-Minute Journal as a gift, and I'm offi cially on the bandwagon. Simply writing down a few notes for fi ve (or less!) minutes a day has helped to boost my productivity and get a better night's sleep. I never would have thought! (You can order the journal from STYLE Wilson Collective's (@wilsonhaircollective) Style Both Ways cream-gel is as therapeutic for my tresses as it is aromatic for my senses, with a lively lemongrass essential oil fragrance that I can't get enough of. RELIEVE After spending a good chunk of June and July walking various trade show fl oors, my back and feet were aching— but after evening applications of PARODI Professional Care Comforting Muscle Lotion (@parodicare) on my sore spots, I felt immediate relief.

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