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Sadly, your heat tools don't maneuver themselves. Proper body positioning can mean the difference between a long, strong career and one cut short by aches and ailments. "I used to leave the salon with lower back pain, completely drained of energy," laments Rafe Hardy, Sexy Hair artistic director. "It was affecting my quality of life, and I realized I had to change the way I stand and move while working." His methodology starts by shifting focus to the strongest body part: our legs. Widen your stance, keeping feet shoulder- width apart, and unlock those knees. The control side of your body—that which handles hair—should tilt toward the client at a comfortable 45 degrees. That saves necks from thrusting forward, which can strain muscles and cause chronic back pain. "Imagine how a boxer stands—ready yet relaxed," Hardy suggests. "This is basically an athletic posture, like one held when playing tennis or practicing tai chi." Rotator cuffs are among the most injury-prone body sites for stylists, due to continuous arm elevations performed when drying strands. But there's an easy fi x: "Drop your elbows to save your shoulders, and remember that the chair itself can be lowered instead," Hardy instructs. Holding a dryer at the handle rather than the nozzle puts control back in your fi ngers, keeping movement off the wrists to combat carpal tunnel. "An incredible thing about the human body is that once it experiences comfort, it wants to return there automatically," he says. Practicing correct posture while remaining body-conscious will eventually lead to automatic proper positioning. Notes Hardy, "You only have one body, so take care of it." As men's hairstyles evolve in complexity, their owners grow increasingly comfortable using an array of products on their pomps and quiffs. Yet for many men, the blowdryer remains taboo. Some male clients fear what they don't understand; others associate blow-drying with their mothers, wives or girlfriends. Regardless of the reason, it's undeniable that numerous men's styles would benefi t from a fi nish with this thermal tool. "With some male clients, I like to employ terms that evoke a sense of masculinity, such as strong, clean, tailored," informs Tonya Hanna, American Crew national education manager. "Conversation next revolves around his unique perspective: While women can be impulse shoppers, a man typically buys something because he needs it." Hanna recommends this fi ve-step process for succeeding with a blow- dry-shy guy: What: Demystify the tool itself. A quick tutorial on how to use a dryer can help assuage anxieties. Why: Detail the reasons why using a dryer makes the most logical sense on this occasion, for this specifi c hair type. How: After you tell, show. "Place it in his hands for added ownership," Hanna suggests. Personal Touch: Share a quick, personal anecdote about your reason for loving blowdryers. Expert Advice: Speak with knowledge and authority about what you're recommending. Says Hanna, "Men often look for the expert when making a buying decision, and in this case, that's you!" HOT TOPIC #2: MAN MADE HOT TOPIC #1: ADVANCED STANCE GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS

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