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FEBRUARY 2019 | | 57 SALON: Parlour e.lev.en, Huntington Beach, California PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Braiding martial artist Cris Cyborg's hair before a fi ght. It was a major fangirl moment. HARDEST PART OF BEING A NEW(ISH) HAIRDRESSER: Perfecting all my techniques. You know how you have to master the rules before you can break them? I look forward to the days of breaking them. FAVE TRENDING TECHNIQUE: Intricate styles on complex fantasy colors. They show off so much hard work. WHY SHE'S A STAR: "Jacey is our salon's master braider, always crafting new looks. She's a pursuer of continuous education, and was the fi rst to volunteer when I recently needed a model for a big event." —Franco Hernandez @hairbyfranco, Parlour e.lev.en, Huntington Beach, California SALON: Loft No.5, St. Petersburg, Florida I LOVE WHAT I DO BECAUSE: It allows me to connect with people in intimate ways, from donating haircuts to at- risk communities to styling models or exchanging tips and methodology with fellow stylists. FAVE TRENDING TECHNIQUE: Shapes with grandeur; slick, sleek, volume without apologies; styles that embrace innovation and experimentation without being too pretty. I FIND INSPIRATION: In history, politics, painting, textiles, weaving, fashion, architecture, and even culinary arts. WHY SHE'S A STAR: "Amanda's work is reminiscent of legendary stylists, though she has only two years' experience. Her portfolio displays incredible diversity while remaining cohesive. Some of us work for years to perfect our skills; others are born with that gift." —Lynn Ouellette @theconfi dentcolorist, Alchemy Day Spa, Sarasota, Florida SALON: Be Scene Studios, Rockville, Maryland MY MENTOR: Philip Wolff is the Bruce Lee of hair. His cuts, styles and blowouts astound me, and I strive to be like him some day. HARDEST PART OF BEING A NEW(ISH) HAIRDRESSER: Creating the perfect bob. Still working on it. FUN FACT THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU: I used to be a government offi cer, until the man above made me realize there was something better waiting. WHY HE'S A STAR: "When Gabriel says he'll do something, he does it. When he promises to be somewhere, he shows up early. Gabriel works on his days off, and is often last to leave the shop. If he hasn't booked a client, he'll go fi nd someone on the street. The man is an all-around hustler." —Philip Wolff @philipwolffhair, Salon Republic, Hollywood, California SALON: Karma Salon, Wellington, Kansas WHY I BECAME A STYLIST: I struggled with depression and low self-esteem until I discovered that styling others was an excellent way to inspire myself. I'm passionate about making people feel beautiful and secure. I LOVE WHAT I DO BECAUSE: I have the fl exibility to control my schedule and the means to support my family. As a wife and mom to three girls, getting to manage both my personal and professional lives truly means having it all. HARDEST PART OF BEING A NEW(ISH) HAIRDRESSER: Realizing that success takes time. WHY SHE'S A STAR: "Newer stylists are sometimes heavy-handed with color, but Kalyna is a total pro at subtlety—both blending and using soft tones. She has special blonde-toning mastery—ashes, pearls, silvers—that I don't often see in novice colorists." —Ursula Goff @uggoff, Karma Salon, Wellington, Kansas RISING STAR: Jacey Grimstad @jaceyjohair RISING STAR: Amanda Elaine Killen @stylistamandaelaine RISING STAR: Kalyna Buresh @kalyna.buresh RISING STAR: Gabriel Urbina @artistry_by_gabriel

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