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POWERED BY @GUY_TANG #MYDENTITY Picture Perfect Kim Pham, @Guy_Tang #mydentity global artist, shares how to achieve Insta-worthy locks for clients and how to snap the perfect shot for your feed. COURTESY OF KIM PHAM AND @GUY_TANG #MYDENTITY In a world saturated with social media, every client wants #InstaGood locks— and no stylist's work is complete without snapping the perfect shot to share with his or her digital audience. To capture the ideal photo for your social feeds, Kim Pham (@kimwasabi), @Guy_Tang #mydentity global artist (@guytang_mydentity), recommends always capturing an ultra-clear image. "Use a white background," says Pham. "Make sure the model or client is wearing either simple, black or white clothing. Also, make sure the hair is smooth, polished and has no fl yaways." Here, Pham dishes on how she achieved both the color and style for this well-liked 'do. TIP! "The right lighting is very important for your IG photos. In most cases natural light is best, but in my photos featured here, I used an LED ring light," says Kim Pham. COLOR FORMULAS @Guy_Tang #mydentity Hybrid Lightener with #Big9 + #Magnum8 + 20-vol. Developer (1:2) Rootagé: 55g. @Guy_Tang #mydentity Demi 8SS Silver Smoke + 5g. Eclipse Xpress Toner + 6-vol. Developer (1:2) Mids: 55g. Demi 8SS Silver Smoke + 55g. Misty Mauve Xpress Toner + 6-vol. Developer (1:2) Ends: Demi 55g. 10SS Silver Smoke + 55g. Misty Mauve Xpress Toner + 6-vol. 1:2 (Process for 25 minutes.) Step 1: Using the backcomb technique, lift the hair until you reach a level 9. (Note: Start backcombing at the nape. Then, tease hair halfway up, making sure not to get too close to the scalp until you reach the occipital bone. Flat-foil hair, then proceed to tease up toward the scalp.) Step 2: Pre-tone hair with the @Guy_Tang #mydentity Xpress Toner Misty Mauve + 6-vol. Developer (1:2) on damp hair for fi ve minutes. Step 3: Apply the formulas according to preference. Step 4: Shampoo and condition the hair with @Guy_Tang #mydentity #MyConfi dant Shampoo and Conditioner. The duo works to prolong color tone. Step 5: Dry hair, then style as desired. Color Technique

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