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14 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2019 Trendsetters/ Runway Report W ho hasn't worn a sharp, shiny ponytail? If there's a unifying hairstyle that most everyone has pulled together on her own, it's defi nitely the pony. So, when unifi cation is the main theme—as it is at the Milly presentation—Paul Mitchell (@paulmitchellus) hair lead Michael Silva turns to the staple style. "The Milly collection has segments, and each represents the colors of the rainbow," he explains. "[Designer] Michelle Smith's idea behind that is, given where we are in the world right now, she wants to be about inclusion; everybody has the right to love who they want to love. The colors of the rainbow [in her collection] symbolize that. So we decided for the hair to go back to the '90s with a structured ponytail … along with a lacquered fi nish on the sides." Of course, as is the nature of runway and editorial hair, there's nothing simple about this ponytail. Directional blow-drying—straight back on the sides and then arcing "like a rainbow" over the ears in sections to the nape of the neck—plays a big part. A gang of Paul Mitchell products spray, mist and coat every strand, but brand national educator Molly Kastner points to a few that really solidify the style. "We're using Invisiblewear Orbit Hairspray to smooth all baby hairs and fl yaways; it fi ne- tunes the fi nal look," she says. After misting hair with Orbit, Kastner runs the end of a tailcomb perpendicular over the crown to help smooth away any strays. "We do a similar technique over the ponytail, only we use the barrel of a Neuro (@neurohair) Unclipped Styling Rod Curling Iron," she says, explaining that the iron's heat amps up the ponytail's shine while nixing any errant fuzz. Glossy, gorgeous, simple enough (in theory) for anyone to create: If that's not unifying, what is? IMAXTREE.COM U-N-I-T-Y Shine-packed ponytails carry extra meaning at Milly. —KLF THE INSPIRATION: Unifi cation and the early '90s power woman: strong, confi dent and ready to take on detractors. HERO PRODUCT: Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Orbit Hairspray fi ne- tunes the sleekness of the fi nished look. BACKSTAGE 411

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