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10 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | FEBRUARY 2019 Editor's Notebook I vividly remember my fi rst time meeting the iconic hairdresser, Oribe—from the nerves I experienced upon anticipating my interview of this legendary man to the warmth in which I was received by him. I recall his effervescent greeting and big embrace that echoed his larger-than-life personality; his deep, raspy voice that commanded attention as much as it calmed anxiety ; and the way in which he addressed me as "darling" in a manner that rang strikingly sincere rather than inauthentic. And years later, after having many fortunate opportunities to work with Oribe since that initial interview, I affi rmed that my fi rst impressions were indeed correct. As anyone who knew Oribe can attest, one of his most notable attributes (besides his incomparable vision and talent, of course) was that he treated everyone he met as though they were one of his "darlings," whether they were a conventionally beautiful A-lister, a cooler-than-cool runway model, a fellow hairstylist, or a beauty afi cionado; because for Oribe, each person he touched was beautiful in his or her uniqueness. "There is no 'perfect beauty,'" Oribe once told me. "The idea of perfect beauty exists only in one's mind." Yet Oribe had that rare ability to make each individual he touched feel beautiful, special and seen in a signifi cant way. During one of Oribe's famous Backstage events that he would put on along with his eponymous professional beauty brand, we discussed his impetus for that particular show and seminar. "When I was putting together this production, I decided to view it as though it were the last show I was ever going to put on," Oribe explained with fi ery passion. "I thought to myself, 'What do I want to be remembered for?' And I realized that I wanted stylists to leave Backstage with an experience, something that they can't get from their everyday work or other hair shows. There's something so spiritual about styling and creating beauty … I wanted to remind them of that sense of spirituality, of individuality." Indeed, Oribe always managed to do just that—leave everyone with a renewed sense of appreciation for the industry that we are fortunate to be a part of. My hope is that each of us will carry on Oribe's conviction and passion for the craft as well as those we serve; and that we, like Oribe, will imprint our own indelible mark that will leave our industry all the more beautiful. On December 16th, our industry lost a legend; Oribe, I will miss you. Remembering an Icon ALYSON OSTERMAN-KERR, Executive Editor @alysonosterman To read a selection of tributes honoring Oribe, turn to page 66. Me and the man, the legend: Oribe

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