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JANUARY 2019 | | 63 Value In-Person Connections Of course, virtual relationships are only half of the equation. Nothing can replace the power of face-to- face connection. "People are more accessible than ever, so it's important to use both digital and in- person marketing networks," Katari explains, adding, "Cross-promotion is how you build the bridges." Look locally: Various businesses around your salon could make the perfect partner for mutual benefi t. The key is choosing one whose style, vibe and demographics match your own. "If your space and guests skew young and hip, you might consider an organic bakery or trendy pop-up boutique," Grund suggests. (See "Pretty Pairing" for partnership examples.) Approach local networking opportunities with that same authenticity, but don't just chase every invite without thought. Rather, look to groups whose models align with your brand principles. Uniting with a charity is universally recommended as a smart way to boost exposure and attract new clientele while benefi ting a philanthropic organization. "Cross-promotion generates value for a salon by creating community visibility and enhancing the overall client experience at no extra expense," concludes Katari. Honor Downtime "Our industry is founded on caring for others, yet we do a horrible job at self-care," laments Peterson. "But you can't fi ll anyone else's cup if yours is empty." True disengagement means different things to different people; do whatever makes you happiest. "For me, time off is watching a football gameā€”no phones, no email," reports Tringali. For Grund, respite has a different look: "Plan time to walk and meditate." (See Quick Tips on page 27 for more downtime do's.) Regardless of the hiatus form, highly effective individuals understand that they're happier and more productive when scheduling mental pauses into the fabric of a bustling routine. Therefore, a smart leader bakes downtime into her company culture. Stylists who see themselves as lifelong learners fi nd ways to recharge while still remaining engaged. Step away from the chair but never the craft by pursuing ongoing education or enrolling in a course on advanced marketing techniques. "Between social media, peers and clients, creativity is all around us," says Rosenzweig. "It's almost impossible to ignore." The Big Four Understanding audience is crucial to cracking the success codes for top social media sites. Pretty Pairings Like peas in a pod, these salon cross-promotion partnerships help to achieve success. LOCAL FOOD TRUCKS; START-UP JUICE BARS Who doesn't love complimentary drinks and treats? Offer a green smoothie or tasty bite during services, with larger menu options available to buy. FLORISTS; NEIGHBORHOOD NURSERIES; PLANT SHOPS Fresh stems brighten any reception desk, while mini cacti make for cute station accessories. ANNUAL CUT-A- THON FOR CANCER; ANIMAL SHELTER FUNDRAISERS Using skills to drum up philanthropic funds is elixir for the stylist's soul. "Succeeding isn't about compromising to go with the current fad, but about connecting to customers in a modern and relevant way," says Sid Katari, Oribe general manager. "Hire people who are hungry, humble and nice," says Surface founder Wayne Grund. "Of course they must be qualifi ed for the job at hand, but what sets leaders apart is their drive and work ethic," says Liz Rosenzweig, JD Beauty Group senior director creative, content and communication. Facebook: Best platform to build community and promote events. Instagram: Increases visibility through smartly planned visuals. "IG is my go-to outlet for attracting younger, trendy clientele," shares Missy Peterson. YouTube: Spot for long-form hair demos or short tip snippets. "There's been a huge surge in the desire for video content," Sid Katari reveals. Pinterest: Acts as a springboard for brand-building; allows individuals to collect and organize visual references as a means of discovering brand style identity. GETTY IMAGES; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS

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