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30 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JANUARY 2019 Live & Learn/ Salon of the Month INSIDE STORY: Thirty years of business is a remarkable benchmark for any entrepreneur, but for Inge Handing, owner of Salon Ingá in Tampa, Florida, it marks what she hopes is the midway point. "We're arriving into the next 30 years on-trend and fresh!" she exclaims. That freshening up comes via a full salon redesign to celebrate the three decades of hard work Handing, who emigrated from Austria at age 22, has poured into her salon. Gone are the bulky cabinets, oversized front desk and space-sucking furniture; in their place white lacquer cabinets and minimalist workstations lend the space a streamlined appeal. Also lightening up: the color palette, which shifted from darker hues to almost exclusively white. To keep Salon Ingá from feeling too clinical, Handing installed hickory- tone wood fl ooring throughout and added cozy elements, like a plush button-tufted sofa and chair and a feature wall of distressed corrugated tin, to the waiting area. "I wanted our reception area to have more of a living room feel with dimmed lighting to keep it peaceful and relaxing while clients wait," she explains. Further upping the cozy appeal: Ditching the previous large islands, Handing introduced "community" tables akin to what you'd fi nd in a dining room—with the idea of sparking conversation and a communal appeal. "We do mostly chemical services at these stations and we took the mirrors away, which, believe it or not, our clients love! They appreciate not having to stare at themselves with color on and are able to chat with one another or use the table as a work station," she says. With the redesign fi nished, Handing admits that the next 10 years will see her minimizing her time behind the chair in order to focus on a passion she brought with her from Austria: education. Having adopted the commitment to education she learned as an apprentice (she still speaks with her old bosses in Austria to this day) and spending more than a decade educating for TIGI, Handing is excited to launch her own "High Lights" training program that she's keeping mum on, but assures that staff— and, in turn, clients—will benefi t greatly. She concedes that with education on her mind, her daughter, Tanja Catoe, who joined Salon Ingá in 2009 as a partner, will likely be taking more of a lead at the salon—but that's how you achieve longevity in this business. "Letting the next generation help keeps us moving forward, onward and upward," Handing smiles. To celebrate 30 years of business, Salon Ingá looks ahead with a streamlined yet inviting update. —KLF COURTESY OF SALON INGÁ A Bright Future Salon Ingá / Tampa, Florida We're arriving into the next 30 years on-trend and fresh!" —INGE HANDING A communal table inspires conversation rather than isolation while clients' haircolor processes. NUMBER OF CHAIRS: 10

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