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14 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JANUARY 2019 Trendsetters/ Runway Report S hine. Smooth. Perfection. These adjectives are so ingrained in our beauty vernacular when speaking about hair that we often forget that frizz—that fuzziest of textures—can be, dare we say, forgiven. Experimentation on the runways brought frizz and wisps frontward, placing an emphasis on what is frequently perceived as disheveled. Yet, when molding or placing the wayward-bound strands with intention, that unkempt characterization fl ies out the window. Cases in point: At Sonia Rykiel, brushed crimps fl y over the eye and fl ick up into a solid disco- approved wave; at Rochas, the whorl of frizz fl attens against the forehead in a contained design. Both Beautiful People and Guy Laroche opted instead to let the wisps fl y in the face—the latter practically shielding the model from sight. Whether controlled or set free, the through line for facial frizz remains the same: It can be just as beautiful as shiny, smooth, seemingly "perfect" hair. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: FRANCOIS DURAND/GETTY IMAGES; SONIA RYKIEL & ROCHAS: ANDREEA ANGELESCU; GUY LAROCHE: VICTOR VIRGILE/GETTY IMAGES Who says frizz around the face is a bad thing? —KLF Fuzzy Front Finish WHAT YOU'LL NEED: A crimping iron, tailcomb, texturizing spray, and a lax attitude. FULL FRONTAL FRIZZ DONE RIGHT BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE SONIA RYKIEL ROCHAS GUY LAROCHE YEAR THE MODERN CRIMPING IRON DEBUTED: 1972

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