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12 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | JANUARY 2019 Trendsetters/ Runway Report Y ou'd be forgiven if you mistook the parade of freshly shorn and dyed models on the Marc Jacobs catwalk for a hair presentation; the tightly cropped looks with vivid slices of color would likely be a nonnegotiable for your typical runway model. Not so, says Redken (@redken) global creative director Guido. "We're really lucky that the girls were willing to do it," he says. "Marc loved the idea of just a few girls [nine total] with cuts and colors." So Guido, along with Redken global color creative director Josh Wood, set to work transforming these lucky nine, starting with a variety of skillfully placed dye jobs. "We're working overall with '60s references, but the colors are '80s- and '90s-inspired. We want the girls to look like they are lit in a nightclub, so there's a lot of neon and strobe lighting in our references," says Wood. Adds Guido, "We looked at colors from the '80s that really clashed and made wearers stand out." That clash of pigment translates to fl uorescent lime that blurs with chartreuse and jade, lush magenta that morphs to eye-jarring indigo, and a veil of teal that drapes over intense royal blue—all concocted with a mash-up of varying Color Gels Lacquer permanent and City Beats semipermanent dyes. "We worked very closely with Marc on the textures and colors of the fabrics to make sure this all came together," Wood says. As for the cuts: Sassoon infl uences the rounded geometric shapes, which Guido glosses and polishes with Shine Flash 02 to bring out every last dye molecule. TOP, LEFT: ANDREEA ANGELESCU (3); TOP TO BOTTOM, RIGHT: COURTESY OF REDKEN Strobe-light color breathes new life into smart geometric cuts at Marc Jacobs. —KLF Color R I O T ! THE INSPIRATION: 1980s haute couture with '60s shapes thrown in for good measure. HERO PRODUCT: Thoughtful placement of Redken City Beats mimics the refl ection of a nightclub's neon lights. BACKSTAGE 411 1 2 3 1 2 3

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