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92 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2018 KATIE NIELSEN SCRUPLES @knielsenhair Why I Became an Educator: I was originally going to be a high- school music teacher, so teaching has always been a part of my life. Fifteen years ago, I gave a presentation at Haircolor USA and got the beauty bug. Recipe for Success: You can't fake it. Genuine interest in helping others is essential. Best Advice for Grads: Tracking—I know it sounds boring! But track your income and inventory. It's hard to plan for the future if you don't know where you are today. VICTORIA THURMAN HALL WELLA PROFESSIONALS @vth_mastercolorist Why I Became an Educator: I am someone who has learning disabilities, so throughout my schooling I felt at a disadvantage. I had to work harder and do things differently, until I met that one teacher who hooked me and changed my life. Recipe for Success: Practice. I own my craft, but I don't experiment on clients. I never go into a seminar without fi rst thinking through each step. My Favorite Class: Color Craft Essentials. Teaching the foundation doesn't sound glamorous, but without a solid base, the rest is guesswork. STAR RUMMELT NATULIQUE Recipe for Success: Patience, passion and love for expression. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Balancing the various learning needs of every student. My Favorite Class: Color Correction. It forces stylists to bend and fl ex the imagination. Showing how well the color line performs is consistently eye-opening for pros from different brand backgrounds. KATHY SIMON NEUMA @kathysimonmekka How I Became an Educator: I was 19 when I got called to the Sassoon Academy to substitute for a teacher who was sick. The fi rst thing I taught was the academy's Contemporary program. Best Part of Teaching: My weeks are never the same. I'm in classrooms, developing programs, and then traveling to educate at a show or event. Best Advice for Grads: Don't scatter yourself in too many directions. Rather than gain experience, it just makes things confusing. SARA CAROLINE GAULT BOSLEY PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH @saracarolinehairstylist Recipe for Success: I didn't take a true vacation for three years. While my peers partied, I went to every class I could fi nd, came in early, stayed late—and loved every second of that hard work. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Understanding that we live in an era when most communication is done via a screen. Students are less outwardly expressive in small classroom settings, which can make it tough to read a room. My Favorite Class: FineOmetry by Bosley Pro, our cutting system designed specifi cally for fi ne-haired clients. NATALIA FERRARA REVITALASH @nataliaoffi cialbeauty Why I Became an Educator: As a native Brit, I was anxious about being well- received by American audiences during my fi rst Premiere Orlando stage appearance. But I sold $60,000 worth of color cosmetics in 10 minutes, and found my calling as an international educator. Recipe for Success: I'm grateful for my early days as a struggling performer and beauty therapist because they taught me discipline, spirituality and determination. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Maintaining my own well-being. In order to give my best to others, I must fi nd ways to manage travel stress and sleep deprivation. TOP MARKS ROBERTINA MARTINEZ ALOXXI INTERNATIONAL @hairbyrobertina Recipe for Success: Confi dence, which you gain by attending classes throughout the years. And energy, which I get from coffee. My Favorite Class: Design on the Edge. We play with technique to create current looks in a fraction of the time. Best Advice for Grads: Be at the salon even when you don't have clients booked. Watch a hair tutorial, test new styles and products, or post work on social media. You must completely immerse yourself in the world of hair.

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