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90 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2018 MARLO STEENMAN REVLON PROFESSIONAL @marlosteenmanhair My Favorite Class: Curls Gone Wild. It's my life in a class! As a little girl, I felt uncomfortable with my own hair. This course gives voice to every woman who didn't feel her curls were beautiful. Best Advice for Grads: Dress the part. You're in the beauty industry so represent yourself in the best way possible. Importance of Ongoing Education: Imagine going to a doctor who got his education 50 years ago and then never learned anything new. It really is that scary. SHARON TRANTER SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL @sharontrantereducation Recipe for Success: I don't allow my inner fear to stop me from bettering myself each day. Carving out daily time to learn is critical. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Understanding that not everyone is open to learning even though they're in my class. Best Advice for Grads: Fifty percent of what you do is technical, and 50 percent is how you make people feel. Human connection is as important as learning to cut or color hair. RAFE HARDY SEXY HAIR @rafehardy How I Became an Educator: While still in beauty school, I discovered I had a knack for sharing information with other students. My instructors encouraged me to seek teaching opportunities with manufacturers. My Favorite Class: Structure in Motion, the proprietary haircutting system I co-created 20 years ago. It changes how stylists approach both hair design and business. Best Advice for Grads: Associate with successful, talented people. You can be good, or you can be great; it's a choice. WAYNE GRUND SURFACE HAIR @waynegrund Recipe for Success: Caring about others and developing artistic, business and personal trainings for success, then presenting them in ways that are easy to understand and implement. My Favorite Class: Tied between Core Cutting System and Five Keys to Success. Both offer building blocks for how to be a thriving stylist and salon owner. Importance of Ongoing Education: It's said that "Knowledge is power"— please know that isn't true. Knowledge without action brings nothing. Education provides the fuel. ALICIA IANNONE HAIRTALK @liciebaby Best Part of Teaching: Changing perspectives. Stylists are often intimidated by extensions, believing they don't have the correct type of clientele for this service. Recipe for Success: This industry is a hustle! I've never turned down a client. Importance of Ongoing Education: You literally have free education at your fi ngertips via social media. From immediate access to tutorials and infl uencers' insight, there's no excuse not to engage. DANIELLE KEASLING MATRIX @danielle.keasling Most Challenging Work Aspect: Constantly multitasking. I like to focus on one thing at a time, yet often I'm pulled in many directions. Being on the road globally while staying present with what's happening in the States is tough. In fact, I'm writing this as I sit on a plane to Uganda! My Favorite Class: Hair Mapping, because it provides simple "hair maps" for executing the majority of upstyles, from basic to complicated. Importance of Ongoing Education: You're only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself. ANTHONY BARNHILL MALIBU C @anthony.barnhill Recipe for Success: Make a lot of mistakes, learn from them and understand how to fi x or prevent them in the future. In that way, mistakes aren't a bad thing. Most Challenging Work Aspect: I'm always striving for perfection, even though I know there's no such thing. But it does make me work harder—and then work even harder still. My Favorite Class: Perfecting Placement, which revolves around the core Malibu C education tenets of color theory and hair lightening. CHERRY PETENBRINK OLIVIA GARDEN @hairbycherryp How I Became an Educator: A consultant approached me 19 years ago after noticing my high retail salon sales. She said, "You should be teaching others how to use and sell products." Recipe for Success: Accountability. I deliver on my promises, stay loyal and give more than I take. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Maintaining balance. All work and no play is unhealthy. Sometimes you must say no in order to prioritize family or friends over work obligations.

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