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DECEMBER 2018 | | 85 NOGODAR MARTINEZ AQUAGE @nogodar Most Challenging Work Aspect: Early call times and fl ight delays. But once I'm at a show, all those challenges become irrelevant as I get to work with "A-Team" creatives. My Favorite Class: The Art of Aquage, which is the blueprint for our products. Students learn to treat hair like a fabric, increasing its pliant strength or transforming texture. Importance of Ongoing Education: It's not important—it's a must. You wouldn't go to an accountant who's unfamiliar with new tax laws, and the same idea applies for our industry. We must constantly keep pace with emerging trends, technology, products, and tools. MIRZA BATANOVIC EUFORA @mirza.batanovic Importance of Ongoing Education: My mentor, Don Bewley, always said, "Never be a master, always be a student." That's been my motto. Recipe for Success: Get a mentor—or fi ve. Whether for professional or personal growth, mentorship is a beautiful thing. Learn from someone who has had the experience and can help guide you in the right direction. Most Challenging Work Aspect: This year, I'll have 39 weekends of travel under my belt. Airports and airplanes are so chaotic. DOMINICA SZWAJNOS GRANDE COSMETICS @beautybydominica Recipe for Success: Don't give up, even when it feels like life or the people in it are against you. Perseverance and determination can help move you past the negative. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Trying to stay creative when working with repeat products or returning students. You must fi nd new ways to make the same information stick. Importance of Ongoing Education: There's info all over the Internet and not all of it is correct. Continued courses provide students with legitimate learning. IVAN ZOOT JATAI @ivanzoot Best Part of Teaching: Having a student say she raised her haircut price because of me. Recipe for Success: The secret is there are no secrets. I will work harder than the other guy. Importance of Ongoing Education: The game changes. Grow, or be yesterday's news. GARRETT ROACH KERACOLOR @garrettkenroach Most Challenging Work Aspect: Getting through my fear of public speaking. I'm nervous before any class or speaking event, but that turns to confi dence with practice and time. Best Advice for Grads: Focus on real, tangible goals: clients, fi nances, career milestones. Follower counts are less important. Importance of Ongoing Education: Now that everything is digital, our industry is evolving faster than ever. ROSHAN TAYEFEMOHAJER SEVEN HAIRCARE @roshanpdxstyle Recipe for Success: Have a team mentality: Share and collaborate with other stylists, which I do while holding myself to high technical and professional standards. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Setting boundaries. I love what I do, so saying no is hard. My Favorite Class: Technical courses offer very clear markers of improvement. Step by step, I can watch participants grow. SHUNTA CROMARTIE ZOTOS PROFESSIONAL @salonprecise Why I Became an Educator: After 20 years behind the chair, I wanted to step outside the salon and share the information I've acquired. Best Part of Teaching: Having others trust me to impart valuable knowledge and wisdom. Most Challenging Work Aspect: Watching people choose to not take advantage of information that could be benefi cial. COLIN CARUSO JOHN PAUL MITCHELL SYSTEMS @colincaruso Why I Became an Educator: I saw Robert Cromeans and Stephanie Kocielski present at IBS New York in the early 2000s, and they were so inspiring. My goal became to partner with a company that loved me back, and pay it forward to the next generation of stylists. Best Part of Teaching: Figuring out how to be a communications expert. We learn a lot from our interactions with students and guests, and that translates to better relationships with friends and family. Best Advice for Grads: Always be recruiting. If you see a woman with amazing style, offer her a complimentary blow- dry. Be humble but aggressive.

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