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62 The Colorist | DECEMBER 2018 | melissa rose l + Location: South Chicago suburb + Beauty school: Trend Setters Paul Mitchell partner school; Bradley, Illinois + Color line: Iroiro Haircolor specialties: Vivids and color melts. I became a colorist because: I'm so inspired by the industry and it's empowerment. The opportunities to build relationships and con dence are endless. My proudest accomplishments: That I'm the rst ambassador for Iroiro as well as the fact that I've built a great rapport with my clientele. I love being a colorist because: The challenge of color is appealing to me—working with people's lifestyles, DNA and a "chemical" to have it all cohesively process into something beautiful. My best color tip: Know and understand color-shifting; it's a saving grace when working with vivids. My favorite color trend/technique right now: Dimensional color melts with accent shine lines of opposing tones. Unconventional color is so intriguing! I'm inspired by: Fellow stylists; if I feel uninspired I humbly will look to them for inspiration or new techniques. I'm so proud to be in a eld where it's a compliment to recreate your own version of someone else's work. bri bird h + Salon: Oracle Salon; Denver + Beauty school: Xenon International Academy; Denver + Color line: Eufora International Haircolor specialties: Balayage, foil work, corrective color, transformations, and vivids. I became a colorist because: My grandmother was a hairdresser for more than 40 years and owned multiple salons; the relationships she built with her clients, their families, her staff, and her community were awe-inspiring. I became a hairdresser to carry on her legacy. My goal: Continuing to grow Oracle—what started as a one-chair salon has grown into four chairs in a short three years. We're education- based and I would love to start teaching/hosting classes regularly in collaboration with other artists and businesses. I love being a colorist because: My guests trust me with their self-image. Through hair we have the power to heal the hearts and minds of the people who sit in our chair; it's a huge responsibility. I look up to: Sophia Hilton, Sally Brooks, Ruth Roche, Antoinette Beenders, Vivienne Mackinder, Ginger Boyle, Sharon Blain, Tabatha Coffey, Sally Hershberger, Olive Benson, Jeanne Braa-Foster, Jen Atkin … and more! I'm a huge supporter of strong female artists in our industry. #girlpower @bribirdhair sage kinney h + Salon: Beauty Bee Salon; Denver + Beauty school: Gloucester County Institute of Technology; Sewell, New Jersey + Color line: Goldwell Haircolor specialties: Blondes, balayage and fashion/fantasy hair. I became a colorist because: Since I was a little girl I was always in˜ uenced by art and highly in˜ uenced by our family hairstylist. I loved the idea of "painting hair" and used to dabble with Sharpie markers on my friends' hair, giving them "highlights," until I realized I could do this for real. I look up to: My childhood hairstylist, Annette, because she made me fall in love with the craft at age six. My best color tip: If you want to achieve a perfect palette, you must properly prep your canvas by cleansing the hair of any products and minerals. It seems pretty simple, but it's a step a lot of stylists skip to save time. My favorite color trend/technique right now: I'm on the balayage bandwagon. I absolutely love freehand painting to give clients color that moves with them. @sagekinney

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