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tristan elan sutrisno k + Company: John Paul Mitchell Systems and Paul Mitchell the School; San Diego + Beauty school: Paul Mitchell the School; Atlanta + Color line: Paul Mitchell Haircolor specialties: Balayage, block color, color corrections, fashion tones … Nothing is off limits. I became a colorist because: Growing up in the punk/hardcore scene I always found myself experimenting with bleach and loud colors. I spent most of those years coloring everyone's hair in kitchens and bathrooms, trying to see how we can push the envelope. There was such an art form to balancing out all the chaos—and I loved it. My goals: To inspire stylists to step out of the box—to keep raising the bar, blurring the lines and • nding new and exciting ways to color hair. My proudest accomplishment: After years of entering, I won Best National Entry for Paul Mitchell's Color Outside the Lines contest this year. I love being a colorist because: Not only do you have to be skilled in formulation and application, you also have to have an eye for balance within the haircut and different color combinations. My best color tip: Saturation is everything. It controls your overall technique, lift, coverage, and blend. My favorite color trend/technique right now: The new wave of soft fashion tones. I'm inspired by: Unexpected sources, like rust and worn vintage fabrics. Lately I've been really into muted tones and putting together colors that form an imperfect balance. @colorbytristanelan savannah milner h + Salon: Bliss Salon; DeRidder, Louisiana + Beauty school: Demmons School of Beauty; Lake Charles, Louisiana + Color line: Rusk Haircolor specialties: Balayage and blonding. I became a colorist because: I'm an artist at heart. When I was choosing my career, one thing that was non-negotiable for me was a job that wouldn't let me be creative. Without a creative outlet, I don't feel like myself. My goals: Right now, my top two are opening up my own salon and getting my American Board Certi• cation. My proudest accomplishments: Joining the 2018 Malibu C artistic team, having two publications and photo shoots under my belt and being part of the "30 Under 30!" I look up to: Missy Peterson, because she pushes me to be the best stylist and educator I can be. Even when I think I can't do something, she pushes me harder and I always end up learning something valuable about myself. My best color tip: Mineral and medication removal from hair prior to lifting is essential to keep the integrity of your canvas. @savannahkmilner gina atkinson k + Salon: Salon Republic; West Hollywood, California + Beauty school: The System A Paul Mitchell Partner School; Spring eld, Missouri + Color line: #Mydentity @Guy_Tang Haircolor specialties: Mostly Asian hair, pastels, blondes and silvers. I became a colorist because: The salon I went to through high school and college, Hairy's, did it for me. It was always less about the hair and more about the feeling it gave me; I never felt better than when I left that salon. I wanted to make others feel that way, too. My proudest accomplishments: Being a part of the #Mydentity team and traveling and educating about a line I truly love. I love being a colorist because: I really enjoy the meticulousness of the whole process. Taking what appears like a thousand tiny little sections in a never-ending color transformation is like running a marathon because it can be quite daunting during the process but, when I reach the • nish, it's an amazing feeling. I look up to: Guy Tang. Not for just his undeniable talent and incredible attention to detail or the amazing color line he created, but for his openness. My best color tip: Tone on dry hair; you get to really see the full pigment of the color and your clients will have much more longevity. It's an extra step and makes the process a bit longer, but it's so worth it! @ginaatkinson

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