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24 | BEAUTY LAUNCHPAD | DECEMBER 2018 Trendsetters/Runway Report C hromat's fashion DNA is all about celebrating bodies—all shapes, all sizes—and this season's runway continued that helix with a parade of swim and sportswear that cinched fl eshy hips, muscular busts and rail-thin waists—the gamut of the human form—with fl attering bungee chords. For the hair, Oribe (@oribe) director of training and content Kien Hoang zeroes in on these colorful bungees as an element he can manipulate to his styling whims. "The Chromat collection has a lot of straps and bungee chords throughout it, so we wanted hair looks that refl ected those elements," he explains. "Refl ected" is the key word here. Though he uses the bungee chords for one look, which he deems "sporty and sexy—a very clean, graphic straight style with a center part," the second hair design, a high pony with "ball" forms, only alludes to the way that the chords can cinch and squeeze to create bulbous, bodacious shapes. To bubble-up the ponytail, Hoang furiously backcombs Dry Texturizing Spray-laden lengths into a frenzy of volume and then binds them with elastics to form evenly spaced bulbs. For the lanky style, he coats hair from roots to ends in a cocktail of Superfi ne Strong Hair Spray and Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray to banish all signs of fl yaways and ready it for optimal sleekness. An additional application of Star Glow Styling Wax around the hairline helps to fl atten any errant wisps that might try to escape. Then comes the bungee: Hoang meticulously tapes one end to the model's temple, then circles the chord around the back of her head and joins the other end as symmetrically as he can to the other temple. The tape tugs gently at the model's features, pulling her eyelids up and back for a slight alien appeal. But Hoang doesn't see this; he has a different, two-feet-on-Earth view of the style. "The bungee makes me think of her going down the river, kayaking," he laughs. TOP: NOAM GALAL/GETTY IMAGES (2); ANDREW TOTH/GETTY IMAGES Bungees & Bumps Kien Hoang turns to an unlikely inspiration for divergent Chromat hairstyles. —KLF THE INSPIRATION: Bungee chords. HERO PRODUCTS: Oribe Star Glow Styling Wax tightens the silhouette of the sleek downstyle while Dry Texturizing Spray works to increase girth for fat, round balls in the ponytail. BACKSTAGE 411

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